martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Reviews 16/11

Desinence Mortification/Giht Shasie SPLIT CD

Sick Croacian Grindcore split!
Desinence Mortification start this split with 23 tracks from pure old school grind violence influenced by Napalm Death,Psychoneurosis,Fear Of God.
Brutal Throat,explosives riffs,intense bass and pure
grinding blast beats.Desinence Mortification comes since 1993 after from Patareni,this band are the news grindcore gods from Croacia.
Giht Shasie ends this abismal split with 17 tracks from
digital grindcore influenced by Agoraphobic Nosebleed,Gore Beyond Necropsy.
Pure twisted and sadistic digital grindcore for your putrid ears.
If you are a true grindcore maniac buy or make trade in:

Arroyo *Demo Tape 09*

Dirty grindcore from Finland.
Are four antitracks from intense grindcore with influences from Napalm Death,Agathocles,Warsore.
Putrid throat,intense riffs,axe bass and killer blast beats in the drums.
Edition totally D.I.Y.
This demo is  available in CD-R too


Hellborn Messiah & Electrozombies SPLIT CD

The hell opens his doors to present this aberrant edition!
Electrozombies begings this split with five tracks from Sludge Crust with
touches old school Death Metal in the vein from Amebix,Autopsy! Excelent stuff by this chilean crustys!
Hellborn Messiah ends this saditic split with seven attacks from Metal crust in the vein from
Doom,Emtonbed.Sick stuff by this german metal crustys!
Excelent edition by this spanish label called Odio Sonoro.

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