domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Godstomper - Interview

1.Hey dude,what´s news in Godstomper?

P- Just working on some new record releases , waiting on the Tersunjung 13 split 7inch on Jerkoff records.

2.Give me a little bio about Godstomper.

P- we started in 1991 as a bass and drum grind noise band . Its me on bas/vocals and my brother Danny on drums. We stopped playing in 1992 and did some other experimental noise bands and then in 1996 started up Godstomper  again and haven't really stopped since.

3.How many stuff have at the moment Godstomper?
P- We have about 45 releases , mainly vinyl records , a few tape splits and cd splits .

4.Chaotic influences?

P- We are influenced by Old Napalm Death , probably their Scum lp , Spazz , Man is the Bastard , Crossed out , Calm , Pink floyd , Cathedral .

5.The lyrics are about?

P- its a mix of everything , thou its more about our lives living in Silicon valley and being ourselves while everyone else conforms.

6.How you see the actual grindcore/noise scene? for you exist? or not exist?

P- It exists but its very underground and only a few people really appreciate it  esp. in the area were I live .

7.You know the extreme scene from south - america?
P- Ya I know the scene is huge down there. I know of Rot  , New york against the Belzebu , Cenotaph, Expurgo , Colmesis

8.Some new records in the future?

P- theres the Tersunjung 13 split , the Iron butter split . the Bird split , the Scalped split .

9.Last lines.

P- Keep thrashing and support diy bands .


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