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Dopethrone - Interview

1.Cheers Vincent!,how are you brother from hell?

I Finished work early, drinking some Kentucky Wiskey
and waiting for one of my buddys to come over so we
can work on the T-shirt artwork. (The t-shirt is gonna
be really fucking demonic looking)

2.Tell us how this chaotic band was formed.

DOPETHRONE started in March 2008 as a completely D.I.Y project, in the very core of Hochelaga (MT-HELL) Canada. We were getting really wasted all the time, and I have a jamspace in my house, so we started jamming the heaviest shit we could think of...
At first, it was more of a jamband that we didn't really take
seriously, we still released our first album with our former
drummer (Thomas Polychuck) cause he had a studio in the basement. But to our surprise, the public response we had was fenomenal, we also got a lot of good reviews, we were playing lots of shows and we were having lots of fun, so we decided to keep going.

3.Which are the influences from Dopethrone?

I would say our main influences would be WEEDEATER, ELECTRIC WIZARD, BONGZILLA, BRAINOIL, EYEHATEGOD... some southern sludge, black metal, stoner rock, blues... we are really open minded when it comes to the music we listen to.

4.The lyrics are about?

Drugs and demonic possesion, in "DARK FOIL" (our second album) we decided to bring a very "occult" approach to drugs, we beleive drugs open "portals" that allow acient evil beings to exist in our world using our bodies as a vessel.

5.You know some sludge band from south america?

I can't think of any right now...sorry dude.

6.Which is the discography from Dopethrone?

DEMONSMOKE in 2009 followed by DARK FOIL in 2011

7.Some member from the band have other project?

was in a lot of crust/grind band that you probably never heard of with names like "EXCRETED COWBOY"... At the moment I got a accoustic bluegrass/blues project going on. My drummer plays in a band called DOWNTRODDEN and my bassist as a side project called KHLYST.

8.How is the sludge scene from your city/country? tell me some bands.

Well, there is DOWNTRODDEN, they have a sound that I would reffer to as the "NOLA" sound, also bands like SQUALOR, THE GREAT SABBATINI, STONED HORSES... People love real fucking heavy music up here but most of the heavy bands that play here are from the southern states.

9.Morbid future plans?

We are presently working on a 3rd album - get ready, it's gonna
heavier than a elephant drowning in a tar pool.

10.Last sentences of death...
Drink up bitches, roll one up & burn heavy - the end is coming.

Vincent - Guitar/Vocals
Vyk - Bass
Carl - Drums

Contact: www.myspace.com/dopethronemafia
Listen the new album "DARK FAIL" in http://dopethrone.bandcamp.com/

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