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Deche Charge - Interview

1.Hello grind noise bastard!,how are you now Chain Saw?

Cheers man, but my name is Dan-Charge, Chain Saw's english is too bad for this interview!!

2.Please give me a little biography about this chaotic band called Deche Charge.

Me and Chain Saw met back in early 1990 when we were in high school. I was 14 and he was 15. we were two of the only kids in the school into bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, Morbid Angel, extreme metal and hardcore stuff you know. We wre obsessed with Napalm Death and one day i bought the "Disgrace to the corpse of sid" LP by Sore Throat. So we thought man, we should make a project of our own, it shouldnt be too hard! That's when we got together (along with ex-member Doom) in august 1990 at my house and recorded the first D-C demo. Soon after that we heard bands like Anal Cunt, Meat Shits and 7 Minutes Of Nausea, so our style became like a mix of all those bands. So of course since then we have recorded many tapes, ep's etc... Noise never stops for us, D-C is for life!!!

3.How many stuff have Deche Charge?

Well right now (december 2009) i think we have around 65 different releases. But the first 40 releases were done between 1990 and 1996. 1997 to 2005 we really haven't done anything and now since 2005 we are recording every year new stuff. It's still fun and playing with Chain Saw is fucking hilarious, this guy is really funny.

4.How was the grind noise scene in the years 80s,90s in your city/country?

Pretty much non existant i'd say! Really there haven't been many notorious bands from Canada worth mentioning. Maybe Hermit did the most stuff besides us. Frank Goshit had a lot of cool projects from 1994-1996 like Morbid Shit. Clitoris Trafficker was cool. Some friends had projects but nobody kept doing it for as long as we have. I don't know why i guess because we really like noise and we never did this because it was cool or trendy.

5.Splatterreah is back! what do you think about this?

Really? I didn't know, but that's awesome. I've been a fan since the early 90's, they are an awesome band and inspiration.

6.Deche Charge have lyrics? or is pure screams?

95% is just screaming but we do improvise some lyrics too. Everything is 100% improvised.

7.Have touched in live? with what bands?

Our last gig was in september 2009 in Montreal and it was with Carbonized 16 Year Old Victim and Complete Lobotomy, two awesome grindcore bands from Montreal.  Our first ever gig was a Death Metal Fest in Quebec City in 1995, bands like Dislocation, Summoning Of Flesh etc, back when death metal was at it's peak around here. I think in total there has been 9 or 10 D-C gigs. There was a couple gigs that i wasn't part of, and one that chain Saw wasn't there. The line up is also improvised a lot, but either me or Chain Saw have to be there for it to be Deche-Charge.

8.Deche Charge some splits tapes with some grind noise bands from peru,this are Audicion Irritable and TSM,and now deche charge have planned make another split TSM no?

Yes! We have just recorded for this split last week, this will be released in early 2010 by SAORS Records, we are very happy to make volume 2 of this split after 14 fucking years!! The split tape with Audicion Irritable was really cool too, we did that one back in 1994 i believe. I still enjoy these bands today.

9.Some member from Deche Charge play in other band?

Yes i play drums in Mesrine (grindcore) and Abüsor (old school thrash). Chain Saw never had other bands, except for other noise projects back in the 90's.
10.What do you think about animal cruelty,vivisection?It sux! I love animals, i have a cat called Gaston, i have had many cats, but they always seem to dissapear and i never know what happened to them! I hope that won't happen to good old Gaston, hehe!

11.What future plans have deche charge in mind?

Well we have many upcoming releases like D-C/C.S.M.D. split LP, D-C/Disleksick split 7", D-C/Turbolent Pussy split 7", D-C/Iron Butter split 5", and split tapes with Harsh Supplement and of course vol 2 of the TSM split tape! Many others too i can't remember everything... Maybe some live gigs too, a tour of Europe someday! That would be awesome...

12.Ok my grinder brother,your last words for the readers from NO TE CALLES ZINE.

Thanx for the interest in D-C, keep supporting noise, be real and don't wimp out! Noise is real, trends suck. Stay yourself and send us your money! hehe... Check out

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