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Zloslut Reviews

Zloslut - Na bedemu samoubistva CD-R

Infernal Black Metal from the earths from Serbia.
In the vein from Bathory,Inmortal,Mortuary Drape!
Zloslut exploit all its evil in this chaotic material edited in CD-R.
Are 4 tracks from destruction from the church 2 official tracks by Zloslut and a cover from Judast Iscariot and a from Inquisition!
Edition by Dark Chants Productions from Serbia.
Pure demoniac stuff from this maniacs!
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/zloslut/

Zloslut - U transu sa nepoznatim siluetama CD

Last stuff from this demons from Serbia,Zloslut!
8 antichristians tracks from the most sick and killer black metal from Serbia.
Total influences from Mayhem,Darkthrone,Mortuary Drape.
Possessed vocals,riffs from destruction with pure evilness,bass from war and a drums from hell!
Edition by Dark Chants Productions from Serbia.
If you are a chaotic maniac into black metal you cant miss this stuff made in the hell!
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/zloslut/

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