lunes, 5 de junio de 2017

Interview - Keitzer

1.Bestial greetings from Perú Nick! how are you grinder? hows going the things in Keitzer?
Hey! We’re good. Just came back from a great festival, now having some months free from shows, time to get back tot he rehearsalroom and write new songs....

2.Give us a killer bio about the existence from this chaotic grind band called Keitzer.
We started out as a more side project with people from bands like “Cole quintet” and “Androphagous”, making heavy music and worshipping the 90’s Grind/Metalcore sound and especially the “Bremen sound” (e.g. Mörser, Acme, Systral).
Things evolved quite naturally and soon we were able to release our First LP in 2001, followed by the first tour with “Remain” of the Day”. What followed was I’d say normal, av. Every 3 years a new LP, some Split 7”es, some tours with “Remains of the Day”, “Antigama”, “Minion”, “JAKA”, playing festivals like Maryland Deathfest, Obscene Obscene twice, Bloodshed Fest a couple of times, Fuck The Commerce, Netherlands Deathfest, just to name a few…
Now we released album No. 6.and I guess we’re playing now a much more Death Metal style than we did when we started…

3.How many stuff have out Keitzer?
2001 To Destroy The Planet Earth 12" (Farewell Records) 
2003 Split 7" with R.O.T.D. (Yellowdog Records) 
2005 Suicide Anthology CD (Yellowdog Records) 
2008 Split with Das Krill 3"CD (AgressivePlankton Records) / 7" (7Degrees Records)
2008 As The World Burns CD(Yellowdog Records) /12" (Parade Of Spectres / react with protest/ 7Degrees) (CD reissued 2010 by FDA Rekotz)
2009 Appearance on the “A tribute to NASUM” Compilation (Power-it-up Records)
2011 Descend into Heresy CD (FDA Rekotz) / 12” (Power-it-up Records)
2014 The Last Defence CD (FDA Rekotz) / 12” (7Degrees Records)
2016 Ascesion CD (FDA Rekotz) / 12” (Give Praise Records)

4.Intense influences?
Mörser, Acme, Systral, Bolt Thrower, all great death/ grindbands from the beginning till now...

5.Some member from Keitzer have another proyect paralell?
Chris is also singing in Mörser...

6.Explaim some more about the grindcore scene from your city/country. Recommend some bands.
I think the scene(s) are still quite active, lot of good bands pop out of the ground. There are still active local bookers, but I think it has become harder to fill the venues these days…people seem to have lost their hunger for shows. Probably that’s a sign of getting older, as I face for myself the same issue…
Some Bands: Wojczech, Cyness, Cancer Clan, Attack of the mad Axemen, Weak Aside...

7.You know the grindcore scene from Southamerica? maybe Perú?
No, not really, sorry...mainly the bigger bands such as Krisiun, Raebelliun etc...

8.Stuff avaliable from Keitzer now? how the grinders can find the stuff?
The best way ist o support us directly and buy from our bandcamp store... but of course the labels FDA, Give Praise, 7Degrees Records, and by now they have a pretty good distribution, so  you get CDs almost everywhere...

9.Chaotic future plans?
No tour or anything planned fort the near future, simply carry on, write good music and grind til death...

10.Last words Nick and thanks for your time in this interview.
Thank you very much for your time and interest in us, we highly appreciate being heard in your part oft the world!

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