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Interview - God Macabre

1.Bestial and morbid greetings from the grave from Peru! how are you Ola! hows going the things in God Macabre?
"Greetings right back, but from a smelly bedroom in Sweden! Things are going well and God Macabre is as alive as a rotten corpse could be. 
Right now we are awaiting a trip to Japan in October and two nights at Asakusa Deathfest. Should be very interesting to visit the land of Godzilla and Sake!"

2.God Macabre is a old school band from death metal from Sweden,actually influence from killer new bands!
Tell us how is form God Macabre,how the destruction begins?
"Back when we formed the band it was just plain old current death, but as you grow older everything else does. So I guess that we are old school today, 
even though we do play the death metal of the years we were active the first time around.The band was formed in December 1988 by 4 friends from school (Per, Niklas, Tomas and me, Ola). We started out as a grind band, but quite quickly we started adding death metal riffs here and there, and then all of a sudden the grind was more or less completely gone. There are still some grind moments on the Macabre End demo/EP, but those are the last grind remnants of the past we came from. During the spring of 1990 we befriended a guy from another part of the country, who was interested in playing guitar with us. This was Jonas from Abhoth. We had hung out with him at a couple of gigs, we even had a little side project with him, but he was supposed to join us live and add solos to our songs.It didn't take long to realize that this was a good match up, so we scrapped all of our old songs, and he left his old band to join us instead. During the summer of 1990 we spent a lot of time rehearsing on brand new songs and in September the same year we went to Sunlight and recorded the "Consumed by Darkness" demo. We were contacted quite fast by the label Corpse Grinder Records about doing a 7" and as we didn't have time to write and record something new we just remixed the demo (and added some stuff) and released that as our EP in June 1990.
Due to our drummer getting a back injury the band was more or less on hold for a big part of 1991, but we managed to write new material that was meant to be for a second EP. But,when we were contacted by MBR Records a Mini-LP was decided upon instead and we recorded "The Winterlong" during December 1991. We lost our drummer before the recording, but we paid him to do the recording (hence him being mentioned as a "session drummer" on the cover). After the recording things just fell apart. We had trouble finding a drummer and in March 1992 we decided to call it quits. "The Winterlong" wasn't relased until December 1993.
Jonas met Tobias at a gig in 2013 and asked him if he wanted to play the drums on a song we were going to record for the then upcoming reissue of "The Winterlong". He did, we had a fun time together, and when he asked if we wanted to play at the very last Vomitory gig we said yes. And after that the band has been alive again, but only to play live a little here and there in the world."

3.Eve of Souls Forsaken is released after 17 years! As was the acceptance within the followers of God Macabre?
"As that Live LP was a very limited release not many were able to get it. We said yes to do that vinyl as it's better to have an official release that we were involved in rather than a bootleg. If people are happy about it or not I have no idea. We haven't gotten any complaints though."

4.How many official releases have God Macabre in his grotesque existence?
We released the demo (and later EP) "Consumed by Darkness" under the name Macabre End, and then "The Winterlong" as a CD. 
"The Winterlong" have been reissued on both CD and vinyl a couple of times by some different labels. And that Live LP "Eve of Souls Forsaken" is the last "new" title in our discography. Nothing new is planned, so this will most likely be our complete discography."

5.Deadly influences?
-"I would say that our main influences back then were Carnage (their demos), Nihilist, Paradise Lost, Autopsy and a shit ton of more bands from those years. 
Jonas, the main song writer, listened already back then to a lot of different music that had nothing to do with metal, and a lot of that influenced his song writing."

6. Some member from God Macabre have another proyect paralell?
-"Yes, as the current line-up all have other bands there are a lot of bands to keep track of. Per and Björn (bass) are both members of Mordbrand, Tobias (drums) has his main band Cut Up (he is, of course, the former Vomitory drummer) and he is playing live with Nifelheim a little, Jonas has a ton of bands, 
and I suspect that list will only grow. Right now he has Bombs of Hades, but is also doing The Lurking Fear, plays live with Crippled Black Phoenix. I'm probably forgetting something,but right now I'd say that those are his main bands. And I'm playing in a garage rock band called Space Probe Taurus."

7.Back to 80s,90s..please explaim more about the death metal scene in your city/country.
How was the scene in that chaotic times the death metal scene there?
-"I wouldn't call it a chaotic time though. The death metal scene was one big fucking hippie community, more or less. Lots of friends, bands helping each other out and things like that. Something I know is lost forever. Maybe I'm looking back at those times through rose colored glasses, but it was a good vibe throughout the scene. It didn't matter where you came from,if you were in a band or not, you were just as big part of the scene as anyone else. We came from a small place quite far from the bigger towns, so we were never part of any local scene, but we had tons of friends in the other Swedish bands at the time. Good people, good bands, good music, good times!"

8.You know the death metal scene from Southamerica? maybe Mortem from Peru? 
-"I've always been very much in love with extreme metal from South America. A lot of it were the Brazilian bands (Sarcofago, Sextrash, Chakal, Sepultura, Vulcano, Holocausto etc etc), but a lot of the South American 
bands had that more primitive and more wild sound that I like. Sure, Mortem, of course. What I like is that the current South American scene still have those bands that just reeks of primitive force. I'd say that Ripper 
from Chile is among my favorite bands these last couple of years."

9.God Macabre have stuff avaliable in these moments? how the macabre maniacs can find that stuff?
-"Right now we don't have that much merch available. We print up stuff ourselves to sell at gigs, so usually between gigs we don't have anything. But, you can always check by writing us at our facebook page.
Relapse probably have a t-shirt that they sell as well as the CD/LP reissue of "The Winterlong"."

10.Morbid future plans?
"The only future plans for the band right now is the two gigs in Japan this coming October and then a gig in Portugal in January next year. We're just taking it easy and having fun with the band. As all the members are busy with their main bands God Macabre will only do stuff now and then, when the schedule is open for everyone, and only to have fun together and play some old songs of ours."

11.Ola thanks for your time in this interview,last words maniac.
"Thank YOU for the interview and last words... Manowar kills!"

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