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Interview - Brother

1.Fast and furious greetings from Peru Heather from Peru Hell! Hows going the things in Brother?
Things in BROTHER are great. People in our local scene have been very supportive of our music and our message. 

2.How is formed this chaotic band from fast hardcore powerviolence called Brother?
My husband, Trevor Vaughan (Wound Man, Breathing Fire, XFilesX, The Rival Mob), and I met through the Massachusetts hardcore scene in the year 2000 and have remained close friends since. Hardcore has always been a significant part of our relationship. We had discussed making music together for many years. Finally, BROTHER was formed in June 2016. Trevor writes and records all of the music, and I write all of the lyrics and do the vocals. Once we recorded the demo in June 2016, we added another local, long-time friend, Tyler Dipaola, on drums (Outrage, Caught in a Crowd, Orchestrate the Incident) and our long-distance friend, Kwame Korkor of New Jersey, (Troublemaker, Manalive) on bass. This is actually my first band and my first time doing vocals. Although I played music growing up, women were generally not included in bands until about 6 years ago. Now women performing in our scene has grown exponentially. It's amazing and inspiring.

3.How many releases have Brother until now?
BROTHER has only released our demo (self-titled) so far. We are releasing a new song called "Colony" on the America's Hardcore compilation through Triple B records this summer. We'll also be releasing a 7" this summer through Atomic Action Records. 

4.Bestial influences?
We both have diverse musical influences but when it comes to PV, most significantly are Infest, Spazz and Crossed Out. We're also really into Black Flag, Descendents, and Nina Simone.

5.Some member from Brother have another proyect paralell?
Yes, Trevor and Kwame are in another PV band called Wound Man on Iron Lung Records. BROTHER and Wound Man plan on touring together late summer (TBA). 

6.How is the hardcore powerviolence scene in your city? recommend some bands...
Hardware, Primal Rite, and Give. I also recommend checking out the talented hardcore photography of Angela Owens at She's been instrumental in documenting the scene and in promoting bands consisting of women, the non-binary and people of color. 

7.Heather you know some from the hardcore powerviolence scene from Southamerica?
Sou português, então estou familiarizado com as bandas brasileiras: Questions, Point of No Return, e Surra. 

8.Stuff avaliable at the moment from Brother? how the maniacs can find that?
Currently, we have tapes and sweatshop-free shirts available internationally at

9.Morbid future plans?
Future plans include putting out the 7" and touring. 

10.Last words Heather and thanks for your time in this interview!
BROTHER promotes anti-slavery and political, economic and social justice in all forms; from the bands and political concepts we support, to the people that ethically produce our T shirts. I'm a huge proponent of "see something, do something." Social justice starts with you and ends with cowardice. 
Thank you for the interview and I hope people like what they hear. 

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