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Interview - GUT

GUT is a Grindcore band from Parts Unknown, Germany formed in 1991.

Heavily influenced by bands like Impetigo and Xysma they recorded the „Drowning in Female Excrements“ Demo in 1991 which gave them alot of recognition in the extreme metal underground. After recording several 7“ ep´s in 1992 and split 7“ep´s in 1994 they were credited as founders of porn/goregrind.
In 1995 GUTs infamous debut CD „Odour of Torture“ was released and is still labelled by many as masterpiece of porngrind.
GUT split up in 1995 but re-formed in 2004 and released „The Cumback“ Album in 2006. Musically it was more experimental and avantgarde. It still contained the old GUT style but it was mixed with alot of electronic elements.
A few more split releases and a collaboration ep with Otto von Schirach under the name GUTTO followed.
GUT dissolved again in 2011.
They reformed in 2016 with the original „Odour of Torture“ line-up…more to come…..

Current members:

The Spermsoaked Consumer of Pussy Barbecue.

Organic Masturbator of 1000 Splatter Whores.

Torturer of lacerated and satanic Tits.

Cuntlickin´ Bitch Killer of the Anti-Whore Gestapo.

1.Morbid and Lustful greetings from Peru! maniac! how are you Bukkake Boy? hows going the pervert things there?
Whats up, David! I´m fine, thanks!

2.GUT is a old school band from porngrind from Germany and influence from a lot from bands nowadays,tell us how is 
de-formed this strangler band called GUT.How were the first menstruations?
GUT was formed back in 1991 by "Organic Masturbator of 1000 Splatter Whores" (drums) and "Torturer of lacerated and satanic Tits" (guitar). I joined soon after.
The whole thing was just started for fun. 
We recorded a demo in 1991 called "Drowning in female Excrements". The demo was pretty much just improvised.
In 1992 we recorded a bunch of tracks for 3 different 7" ep´s. 
Played some crazy shows here and there. Almost everybody in Germany pretty much hated us or just ignored us. 
We recorded more tracks for several split 7"eps and in 1994 we recorded the "Odour of Torture" CD.
After we split up in 1995 we suddenly became the porngrind masters and that´s when that whole "cult status" thing started. 
The rest is pretty much known by everyone.

3.Bukkake Boy You left a few years of GUT,you think to resume your original formation of GUT?
I moved to the U.S. in 2008. I never officially left GUT, i was still considered a member, just wasnt able to perform live.
GUT broke up a few years later but in 2016 we decided to start all over again with the original line-up.

4.How many releases have GUT in his chaotic putrid existence?

"Drowning in Female Excrements" Demo
Spermany's Most Wanted 7" 
Pussyfied/Assyfied 7" 
Cripple Bitch split 7" with Retaliation 
Gefotzt Gefistelt promo live cassette 
Split 7" EP with Morphea 
Hyper-Intestinal Vulva Desecration 7" 
Twat Enema split 7" with Gore Beyond Necropsy 
Fistful of Sperm split 7" with Brain Damage 
Odour of Torture CD
Enter the Painroom split 7" with Dead 
Want Some Nuke or Gut? split cassette with Nuke 
The Singles Collection CD
The Cumback CD
Pimps of Gore 7" 
Girls on Acid split 7" with Rompeprop 
Hooker Ballett split EP with Gonorrhea Pussy 
Gigolo Warfare split EP with Distorted Impalement 
The Green Slime Are Coming split EP with Satan's Revenge On Mankind 

5.Bloody influences?
Impetigo...and your girlfriend.

6.In the course of the existence of GUT some member displaced another project?
"Torturer...." (guitarplayer of GUT) and I also play in Nunwhore Commando 666 (Cyber/Grindcore)
He also has a solo project called Gloom Warfare (Industrial/Death metal)
I'm also in Libido Airbag (i don´t think I have to introduce that band) and I have a solo project called Chaos Cascade, which is a little more on the "noisier" side, pretty experimental (grind/blacknoise, Death Industrial, Dark Ambient etc)

7.Maniac tell us how was the extreme scene in the old years in your city/country? what porngrind bands existed back then?
or just GUT?
When we started, there was nothing like that. When Mucupurulent started, they were highly influenced by GUT.
The only other band I could think of would be DEAD, but they´re not a porngrind band, but they also have pretty sleazy and filthy topics.

8.How you saw the extreme scene around the fucking world actually?
I don´t really care for any "scene". There´s alot of stuff i like (or dislike) from all different genres, which you can call extreme.

9.GUT have stuff avaliable? how the sick maniacs can find that shit?
We have some logo shirts (we also plan to make new shirts soon). We also have some Cumback CDs and some EPs left, but we sell them strictly at live shows. At least for now.

10.Morbid future plans?
Playing a bunch of shows, recording a new album...and let´s see what the future will bring.

11.Bukkake Boy thanks for your putrid words in this interview,last words and i send you a curvy woman with big tits from Peru to you! ha! cheers maniac!
Thanks for the support and the interview.
If anyone is interested in booking us for a live show, get in touch here:

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