martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Bucket of Afterbirth Productions Reviews

Unity Through Sickness: Volume 1 CD-R PRO

Total brutal death metal devastation!
Bucket of Afterbirth Productions from U.S. presents this first compilation
with the most evilness from death metal madness!
Are 17 tracks in this compilation and will made your bowels will out by your mouth!
The devastation comes in the following order:Splattered Entrails(USA),
Exsanguinate (CAN), Crypt Infection (USA), Isolation In Infamy (USA), Dark Tomorrow (USA),Pallor Mortis (CAN),Aborning (USA),Autonomy (USA),Forced Asphyxiation (USA),Phalloplasty (USA),Laceration (UK),Grotesque Formation (USA), Legion of Bastards (CAN), Supplication (USA), Kraanium (NOR),Habitual Defilement (USA / GER) & Sadistic Butchering (USA).
Edition in edition in cd-r pro with putrid serigraph!

Unity Through Sickness: Volume 2 CD

Bucket of Afterbirth Productions presents this second infernal putrid sickness compilation!
Are 18 twisted and brutal bands from differents countries this compilation will explode your brain completely!
This sickness beging with Obscured Revelations (One-man death metal from the U.S),second track from Aborning (Brutal death metal from  U.S.),3 track from Goremonger (One-man pornogrind from the U.S),4 track from Atomgott (Brutal death metal from Germany),5 track from Back From Death (Death metal from U.S.),6 track from Diluted Mind (Old-school groove death metal from the Netherlands),7 track from Gutted (Technical death metal from Hungary),8 track from Magguts (Death grind from The U.S.),9 track from Crepitation (Slamming brutal death metal from the U.K.),10 track from Bleeding Heaven (Brutal death metal from Germany),11 track from CUFF (Sci-fi slam grind from Canada),12 track from At The Graves (Progressive death metal from the U.S.),13 track from Post Mortal Possession (Death Metal from U.S.),14 track from Exsanguinate (Death metal from Canada),15 track from Filoforce (Old school death metal from Malaysia),16 track from Boundy by the Grave (Old school death metal from U.S.),17 track from Supplication (Slamming death grind from U.S.),18 track from Vmthanaachth (Avant-garde metal influenced by technical death metal from U.S.)
Sick artwork from Arvin Palma and designed by Mike (BOA Productions) Limited to 1000 copies in Pro cd!

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