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Interview - Impetigo

1.First Mark thanks for give us your time full of beers and grind/death/gore! how are you? greetings from the morgue from Perú! 
Hello here from the wastelands of Central Illinois and in the U.S., it's a cold and snowy day today so I'm hear with some green tea and listening to the GOATLORD Demo/rehearsal double LP set... perfect for a winter day!    I'm alive and at my age that is always a small victory!  Hope things are gory and grinding there in Peru!!!

2.Impetigo the assassin band from death/gore/grind from the 80s,90s! tell us more about this putrid band brother,some commments please. 
Well Stevo (bass/vocals), Dan (drums) and me(Mark - guitar) stated IMPETIGO in July of 1987 at first for two weeks our band name was SLOW DEATH but then before our first show two weeks later we changed the name to IMPETIGO and the rest was history.   In early 1989 we added my college roomate Scott as a second guitarist and we continued with the line up for the rest of our time.  The band was alive from 1987 until 1993 so it was only six short years.   The complete original line up reformed in 2007 to play a one time 20 year reunion show and the Central Illinois Metalfest and you can find this released on CD and DVD out there if you are interested in how it sounded.  Over our existence we probably played 30-40 shows only with most of those being local shows in the very early years.   We were just four guys that got together to bring Stevo's vision of macabre and morbid music to life.  We mixed elements of punk, hardcore, grind, thrash and death metal to create our own style and people around the world seemed to like it.   Thanks to all the Lesions of IMPETIGO around the world!

3.How many stuff Impetigo have edited? 
We were not that busy of a band really, we put out our first demo in 1987.  It was the "All We Need is Cheez" Official live demo.  At that time we didn't have money to do a studio demo so we started with a good live recording to introduce the band.  Next in May of 1989 came out only studio demo which was called "Giallo".   After that in late 1989 or early 1990 came our debut album titled "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" on WILD RAGS RECORDS.  We then released the "Buio Omega" EP on A WHISPER IN DARKNESS RECS in 1990 which was just some remixed songs from the "Giallo" Demo session.   After that came the "Antefatto" split 7" EP with German grind gods BLOOD on their own IRON RECORDS label.   Shortly after that we did out "Faceless" EP which was 3 re-recorded songs from "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" and 2 new songs.   We did that EP to test out the studio we wanted to record "Horror of the Zombies" in.  That was also 1991.   Then in 1992 came out second and final album "Horror of the Zombies" on WILD RAGS RECORDS.  Some years after we broke up the live split EP "Primitives" was released on BLOOD BATH RECORDS it had both IMPETIGO and TRANSGRESSOR from Japan doing live tracks.   Then we had the split CD with INGROWING where our side was live and their size was studio tracks including an IMPETIGO cover!  Then in 2008 came the "Live Total Zombie Gore Holocaust" CD on the EPITOMITE PRODUCTIONS label which was the 2007 reunion show.   And finally in 2010 was the "Defiling the Stage" Official IMPETIGO DVD with several live shows including the 2007 show on DEATHGASM RECORDS.   That is all the releases we have, and many have been re-issued on various labels around the world over the years.

4.Basic influences to create the putrefaction in Impetigo? 
Well in the beginning our sound was more fast hardcore and we started with influences like D.R.I., CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, WEHRMACHT, THE ACCUSED, KREATOR, VOIVOD and stuff like that as the years progressed and music became heavier we took influences from REPULSION, MASTER / DEATHSTRIKE, VENOM, HELLHAMMER, AUTOPSY, JIM JONES AND THE KOOL ADE KIDS, MACABRE, CARCASS, early NAPALM DEATH.  So if you mix it all up you can maybe here some of those sounds but yet we still have a sound that is totally IMPETIGO too!

5.Mark please tell us how was the grind/death/gore scene in the early years,the bands,concerts,zines,labels,give us a killer argument... 
Well be sure those were great times starting around 1985 or so with bands starting to come out like DEATH STRIKE, GENOCIDE / REPULSION, DEATH, NECROPHAGIA, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, WEHRMACHT, EXCEL, MORBID ANGEL, MASSACRE, THE ACCUSED, SLAUGHTER (CAN) with existing thrash heavy weights like NASTY SAVAGE, HIRAX, HELLWITCH, VOIVOD, EXCITER, SODOM, KREATOR, IMPALER and pioneers like VENOM, RAVEN, HELLHAMMER and later CELTIC FROST.  It was a wonderful time to be alive as the music was new and fresh, not so many labels and releases so would wait and wait for the new albums from your favorites to come out.   You could get many great demos from soon to be classic bands like NIHILIST / ENTOMBED, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DECEASED, RIGHTEOUS PIGS, GOATLORD,  and so many others.  Was a great time of tape trading and lots of good zines were existing and starting to come out like KICK ASS MONTHLY, SLEDGEHAMMER PRESS, GUILLOTINE ZINE, POUNDER, TOTAL THRASH and great pages like that and the big one METAL FORCES where you could get all your pen bangers tape trading partners from!  Some early great concerts were VOI VOD and KREATOR, DEATH and DARK ANGEL, ABOMINATION and NATAS, MASTER, MASSACRE and GRAVE, MORBID ANGEL, NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS, CARCASS and PESTILENCE, AUTOPSY, MORTICIAN, DECEASED, INCANTATION, REPULSION, PHLEGM, VITAL REMAINS, MORGUE, BURNT OFFERING, MACABRE, EYE GOUGER and many more back then, even SLAYER in 1986.   Yes those were very good and strong years as the scene kept growing and getting more extreme.  We made lots of long lasting friend ships around the world, still lasting to this day.  In 2015 I was finally able to meet Eisen from BLOOD from Germany, that was amazing!  Great days be sure, i would not trade being young and missing the scene coming up in the 1980's .

6.In this times the members from Impetigo have another projects? 
For some of the years of IMPETIGO Dan was playing with his main band NAKED HIPPY which was a hardcore punk band.   When IMPETIGO started we were borrowing him for awhile but then we asked him to join us and he did.   Some of the early shows he would play two sets on drums, one with IMPETIGO and one with NAKED HIPPY.   Stevo and Scott played in a crossover type band called ACT OF GOD which did a couple of demos during those years and Scott my have also played in a garage rock style band then too.   Stevo near the end of IMPETIGO started his doom metal band CHURCH OF MISERY (later changed to INSOMNIA).   After more the 20 years of being lost RAZORBACK RECORDS has released the CHURCH OF MISERY (USA) album on CD.    Scott, Dan and I also very briefly had a punk band with a young singer named Jim called FETAL SOAP ADDICTION.   We practiced for a month, played one show and then broke up!   That was all of the projects i think.

7.What you think about the actual grind/death/gore scene around the catastrofic world? 
At the moment i think it's really strong to be honest, i hear tons of new bands all the time that are great, many playing in the old ways.  A lot of younger bands playing in the old ways which is great and also many of the old classic bands are back or still around which is great.  I can always meet old friends at almost all the shows i go to which is super cool, makes you feel good.   Many of the old warriors are around in one way or another.  And the music is reaching more and more corners of the world where it wasn't before as with the internet things are easier to discover.  Yes things are different now without the letter writing or tape trading and such but there are now more efficient ways to communicate and of course nothing can replace packaging up some merchandise and sending it, that is still the same.

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Perú? 
I know a few things about it, was a cool band called TUNJUM that i was in contact with and had their demos.  Of course the legends HADEZ too, a classic band.  I love the sick ANAL VOMIT too, good band.  Also like GOAT SEMEN and or course the legendary MORTEM too.   I know there are a few more that i have heard and thought were good but I just can remember them right now.   I hope the scene is growing and is stronger and stronger there!   Hails to the crazy bangers there!!

9.Possible reunions from Impetigo? or not more? 
Well i will never say never about that as I never though we would play again but we did in 2007.   It's not for a lack of offers and we get offers from all over the world all of the time.   It's just very hard and time consuming for us to put the band back together and learn the songs again and we are scattered pretty far apart so practice is not easy.    But who knows you could see another show someday i have learned not to say that it will never happen.   There is a good demand for it.

10.Mark thanks for your killer time in this interview,last words brother.
Thanks to you David for including us in NO TE CALLES ZINE it is our honor to reach the readers in Peru and around the world!   Sorry for taking so long interviews are not my favorite thing to do but i did my best here!    Hails to all the bangers and grinders in Peru and keep up the good work!  Stay sick my friends!

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