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Interview - Existench

1.Destructive grind greetings from Peru,Gerald! hows going the things there?
Hello! Things are great here… after a long hiatus Derek and I are collaborating again. Here in Halifax I’ve joined up with former guitar player, Pete, and bass player Josh to reform for a few shows this summer when Derek comes from British Columbia for a visit…

2.Give us a trip to the existence from this putrid band called Existench?
Existench started back in 1996. We were called Disabuse but the name was already taken by an active band so we changed it to Existench and the rest is history…

3.How many stuff have edited Existench?
We’ve released several split 7” records, tapes and cd’s over the years… most notably would be the “Divisions” ep, “Blood Money” cd, split 7” records with Lix Xivia, Needful Things, The Chitz, Dread 101, Disco Inferno, and more recently with Skunk and Deboned. Here’s a link for a more complete discography

4.Bastard influences?
Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Wolfbrigade, Rotten Sound, Heresy, Cryptic Slaughter, Larm, Extreme Noise Terror, Concrete Sox, Capitalist Casualties, Excruciating Terror, Rot, Dahmer, Inertia Kills, Skrupel, Wadge, Autoritar, Gride and way too many more hahaha!

5.Some member from Existench have another proyect paralell?
Derek and Josh were in a crust punk band called System Shit. Derek has been in a ton of bands: Sloth (sludge/doom metal), The Intoxicators (HC punk), Totentanz (thrash) and also my 1st band with Derek, Abhorrent (thrash). Pete played in a punk band called The Enders and an Oi/street punk band called Pyrrhic Battles. I drummed in a death/grind band called Thy Flesh Consumed and back in the 90’s I played guitar in another death/grind band called Gorbage.

6.Tell us how is the grindcore scene in your city/country,recommend some grind bands...
There’s a pretty active metal scene here in Halifax but not much grindcore. My new fave from here in Halifax would be Hoarder! Check em out 
There are some great Canadian bands as well, like Soil of Ignorance, Fuck The Facts, Mesrine, G.O.D, Fistfuck, Deboned, Mudlark, Archagathus, Violent Gorge, Skunk (crust), Horrible Pain, Parfumerie, Hyperemesis (goregrind), Corrupt Leaders, Retardnation, Homolka, Powercup, Sixbrewbantha and many more…

7.You know the extreme scene from Southamerica?
Unfortunately not… I grew up with Sepultura for sure and there’s the mighty Rot, of course, but that’s the extent of my knowledge, sorry haha

8.Stuff avaliable from Existench? how the grind maniacs can find that? 
Our 2 latest 7” splits are still available… Skunk/Existench split 7” from Outrageous Defecation Records and the Deboned/Existench split 7” also from Outrageous Defecation Records, Grindfather Productions and Everydayhate. 

9.Morbid future plans?
We’re practicing old material right now but I look forward to writing some new grind assaults in the future and hopefully putting out another full length recording, so stay tuned…

10.Last words and thanks for your time in this interview Gerald!
Thanks for the interview and interest in Existench… Keep grinding!!

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