lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

Interview - Flvx Capacitor

1.Destructive and bestial greetings from Peru! grinders from Flux Capacitor! hows going the things there? all sick?
Hey man!! Thank you for having us on for this,  we're stoked to be a part of it! We're doing pretty well as of now.

2.Tell us how is formed this chaotic band? a short bio please...
We formed back in the beginning of 2006 in high school as Isolation. It was me (Ryan) and Chris playing guitar, our friend Justin on bass. We were all learning how to play as we formed this band. We tried to play fast grindcore but just weren't good at it yet. Our first show was with Anal Blast haha!! Later on Levi joined as our new bass player and we changed the name to Flvx Capacitor.

3.How many stuff have edited Flux Capacitor?
We have seven releases as of right now, most of them being splits. We're on some compilations too.  Currently we're waiting on another one to be finished and we have more coming this year!!

4.Bastard influences?
Nasum, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, Spazz, Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Dahmer, Squash Bowels, Gride.

5.Some member from Flux Capacitor have another proyect paralell?
Our guitarist Chris is in another band called Interference Patterns. Check em out if you're into some weirdo hardcore!

6.How is the grindcore scene from your city? recommend some bands...
The grindcore scene from South Bend, Indiana is basically non-existent. There's some awesome bands here in the Midwest though. Check out xAbrupt, Gnarly Death, Morbid Obesity, Sick/Tired, Nakay, PizzaHiFive, and Minimum Wage Assassins. 

7.You know the grindcore scene from Southamerica?
To be honest I don't know the grindcore scene from South America but I'm sure there's some sick bands. I know some Brazilian grind like Rot and Test but that's about it.

8.Stuff avaliable now from Flux Capacitor? How can you get the stuff?
We have all of our releases on  Bandcamp to listen and download. Also we are at  Big Cartel for our records, tapes, CDs. Or just message us through any social media and we can send out stuff.
Split with NoComply, by Flvx Capacitor
2 track album

9.Morbid future plans?
Right now we're writing a bunch of stuff for another release we hope to record later this year. We've also got some spring and summer shows lined up so we're stoked for those.

10.Thanks Ryan for your time in this interview and PLAY FAST OR DIE!
Thanks again for having us! If it's not fast, it's not fun!!

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