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Interview - Agathocles

1.Destructive greetings from Peru,Nils! hows going the things in Agathocles?
Cheers buddy,,,all doing well on the mince core side.   We recorded last week-end (28/01/17) about 14 new songs.  And next week-end we play 2 shows in Gent (Belgium).

2.Nils give us a short but a killer bio about Agathocles.Line-ups,experiences...
Well mate, I can tell only for myself since Roel and Dirk left the band, I join in, since 2006 together with Tony (RIP our friend).  Off course jan is still the original member since 1985.  After Tony died in 2007, another friend from our hometown Bram grabbed the bass and jan went on guitar.  Since lack of time Koen replaced Bram in the band in 2013.
So now we still have this line up with jan (bass/vocals),  Koen (guitar) and Nils (drums/vocals)
For the complete biography, line up,…. I would recomand to do some research online haha.

3.Agathocles have a lot from stuff many releases do you think AGx should have? the most killers?
Well best to check the last recent discography in the latest albums haha, cause maybe when this interview is out there will be new stuff added.  I think with cd’s,tapes and vinyl together we are around or over 500 pieces.    I only can count till 3, so figure out yourself haha ;-p

4.AGx influences?

5.Some member from AGx have another project paralell?
Koen recently started something up but they have no name yet.  
Jan had before  Jan ag and also the ganja but this laid down.
Myself have Gi joke (political grind) running for 10 years (we had a couple year break in between) and I joined Onanizer (grind/power violence from cz republic) since 2011. In 2014.
From time another jam or project running, but nothing serious from now.
I also joined the last part of the tour of Bestial Vomit (lo-fi noise from Peru/Brazil/Italy and/Belgium).  The guys will tour this year Europe again but in other line up beside the smelly part called Joseph.

6.AGx  had the opportunity to play in Lima in the tour ¨Matadores del Libertad¨,how was the experience?
It was an awesome experience mate.  Lots of people and great bands that night in templario (dios hastio, rebellion disidente,….).  The gig turned out in a real big (after) party.   Shit mate, it make me realize it is almost 10 years ago, but still have great memories on this tour.
The whole tour took us 6 weeks and brought us too Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.  It was kind of rough as we travelled the long distances mainly with public transport between the city’s.  So …late shows/parties and wake up early...    Actually when the tour ended we did a last surprise gig in nuclear bar in Lima too.

7.How you see the extreme scene around the world in this days?
Oef, that is a rough question mate.  The difference between the continents of the world in the music scene is really different.  But it is great to see that still allot of people fight against (within their opportunities) the commercial part of the music industry.  For me personal the last years bands in general became too technical or too produced.  I prefer simple based Grind/punk with some sloppy sound.  Last Gi joke tour; a girl from chili popped up with a bunch of  (demo) Cd-r’s from recent bands from there (one more time thx to her).  Mate I assure you; for me this sounded way more extreme then what people label these a days as extreme music.  If you like to check it out I mention a couple (disgusto, ediondo !!!!!!!! , Desden, los palidos, porlacaida delimperio humano,),…..  
Allot of people/bands play and record with their skills but not with their heart!

8.AGx stuff avaliable out now.
Just to mention a couple (and most recent);
The new full length; Commence to mince is recently out on cd and very soon on LP too.
Also my 1st recording for AGx together with Tony is just released on ep.  The ep is titled ‘death to capitalist noise core’   and contain 63 tracks.  

AGx/money hater (tape/cd)
AGx/GOD (cd)
AGx/Fight back (lp)
AGx/peia braba (cd)
AGx/nihilist scum (tape)
AGx/DL50/Kemagorra/terror revolucionario (tape)

9.Morbid future plans?
Well, off course release and record way more stuff.  Gig wise not so much planned for now as we always have to see what is possible in combination with our jobs.   Hope we can make our schedule for 2017 soon.

10.Nils thanks for your time in this interview,last words brother...
1st Thanks for the interview David and good luck with the zine.   Hope to make it too Peru again!!
Thanks to all people  who are support AGX trough all this ages.    

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