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Interview - Cripple Bastards

1.Violent greetings from Peru Giulio,hows going all there? all killer?
All going great, just very busy as you can see (it took me months to reply to this)!

2.Cripple Bastards is a old school grindcore from Italy with a lot from time in the extreme scene around the fucking world,tell us how is form this chaotic band brother.
The band was started in 1988 by me and Alberto The Crippler (guitarist from 1988 to 1999), in the early years we were a 2 piece band with me on drums + vocals and Alberto on guitar. 
The reason why this was born was because we were maniacs of the fastest and noisiest Hardcore around and wanted to create something of our own in tha vein. 
The current line-up is:  Giulio The Bastard - vocals // Der Kommissar - guitar // Wild Vitto - guitar // Schintu The Wretched - bass // Raph Saini - drums.

3.How many stuff edited Cripple Bastards until moment?
6 albums and around 30 x singles and split singles, and several tapes as well. 

4.Bastards influences?
Each member has different tastes in music and personal influences.  If I speak for myself, I like early day Grindcore and Noisecore,and fast raw 80s HC, above all Japanese, Scandinavian, Italian and South American stuff. 

5.Tell us a little about the grindcore and extreme scene from Italy.
There is not much going on at the moment, Italy has a scene with many divisions and new bands don't last for much time,they come and go. 

6.Hate,rage,protest! basically the lirycs from Cripple Bastards talk about?
Our lyrics are a cynical eye on daily life, they talk about what we live everyday in a negative, nihilistic way. 

7.Some member from Cripple Bastards have another proyect paralalell?
I also do the Noisecore band called "Isolation As Cult", we are releasing a new flexi disc 7" these days. 
The drummer has other bands, but it's not extreme music. 

8.Which is your opinion about the actual grindcore scene around this putrid world?
There are good Grindcore bands in South America and also in Asia.  
The European and US scenes are not releasing many new bands lately, or at least not much stuff of my taste. 

9.Giulio tell us a little more about your label FOAD Records! when you decide do this killer label? editions? future editions?
FOAD Records was founded in 1986 by a friend of mine called Marco, at the beginning it was a fanzine, then he started to release tapes. 
In the '90s and 2000s he did some stuff on CD.  We joined forces around 10 years ago (I had my own label E.U.'91 but somehow it was in a stagnating phase)
and start to work seriously releasing the bands that we liked mostly on vinyl.  Things progressed over and over until we reached the standard
of 2 releases monthly.  Marco quit in 2012 and I went on with my friend Luca.  At the moment FOAD has around 120 records released since I joined it
and we're keeping it strong.  We mostly do '80s Hardcore/Metal/Grind/Noise.

10.You know some from the grindcore or extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
Yes I know tons of South American bands. From Peru I remember Atrofia Cerebral, Leviatan on the Noise side, and many Hardcore Punk bands like Kaos, Guerrilla Urbana,Delirios Krónicos, Ataque Frontal, Luxuria, Anti etc... 

11.Morbid future plans in Cripple Bastards?
We are currently working on a new album to be released in 2018 for our 30th year anniversary, and also an anthological boxset on vinyl collecting all the Eps and old recordings. 

12.Giulio thanks for your time in this interview! last words brother!
Thanks for your support and patience, I'm sorry that it took me so long to answer this. 
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