lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

Oesophage - DemoTape #1 Review

Oesophage - DemoTape #1

From the morgue from Canada,Montreal!
Oesophage exploit with 8 putrid and repugnant tracks from goregrind in the vein
from LDOH,Dead Infection,Regurgitate!
Infected throat in the vomits,riffs from death in the putrid guitar with a lot from maggots,
bass from the tomb,blast drums from torture!
Edition in tape by Mongolith Records in winter from 2005,this label is totally DIY goregrind!
Sick artwork only to true goregrinders!

Another tittles from Oesophage!

Split Tape with Krush.

way split tape with Meatus and Cystoblastosis.

All this stuff from Oesophage you can find in Mongolith Records!

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