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Interview - Psychoneurosis

1.First thanks to do this chaotic interview! greetings from Peru Rafal,how are you brother? hows going the things there?
Hello David.Greetings from Poland/Uk.Thank you for your interest.Just we ended up recorded new songs for upcoming split cd.You waiting for that.Soon on Selfmadegod records.This is my second interview to peruwian zine ,first one was about 20 years ego for Bulla Extrema my friend Miguel/Hi Miguel/So let’s start.

2.Psychoneurosis is a old school grindcore band from Poland! give us a short bio about the existence from this destructive band from intense grindcore!
We started in September 1991.First line up was two-person composition,later line up grew up sometimes we were in 3 persons,sometimes 4,once we were in 5 persons but is too much for grind core hahahaah.In my opinion 3 persons is the best solution.The less peoplein the band is the better deal.If you know what I mean?For 10 years of existence of band the biggest our problem was change of members.One day I deceided split up band.After 15 years I missed the music so we made reunion and we are!Currently I think is very good and stable line up.I think so.

3.How many stuff have Psychonuerosis out?
Over a dozen split tapes,2 demos,1 MC,1 full ep,1 split ep,1 discography cd I think that’s all.
After reunion we prepare split cd,T-shirts so be cautions!

4.Raw and loud influences?
Really much it was.We listening to diffrent kind of music.From punk to grindcore. I do not know what the other members are listening to.I  like short,fast and loud hahaha But my huge inspiration is Phobia,Agathocles,Nasum,Rotten Sound,Cryptic Slaughter,Infest,old Napalm Death and others.

5.Some member from Psychoneurosis have another proyect paralell?
Yes,Jasiu and Laski are playing in Bottom,very good grind/metal band from Poland.I recommend!

6.Back to 90s tell us how was the grindcore scene in your city/country? what bands did they exist?
In my city never been grindcore band and scene except  us,if speak in the country I really liked Schismopathic,Third Degree,Squash Bowels,Neuropathia,Grossmember,Self Hate....Currently  our scene is very weak a few bands,sometimes someone organise gig for grindcore bands I don’t know why this is happening?Where in other country is much better.This situation is like 20 years ego.This is sad but true.

7.Which is your opinion about the actual grindcore scene around world?
I think in the World condiction grind scene is very good.Still the best is in Usa,Japan,Uk,Czech republic or Germany.I don’t understand but for example in my country for concert comes a lot people,they buy records ,they really like it and still we have not enough grindcore bands?No promote grindcore music in Poland  because is too hard,too fast?But too have fans so do something good for grindcore,fuck fashion metal bands,play fast or die!!!!!!!Too much beers hahahaha

8.You know the grindcore scene from Southamerica? In the old times Pyschoneurosis shared a split tape with Descarga Nociva from Perú.
Yes ,of course.I know Autopsia,Ritual,Descarga Nociva,Insensibilidad energica,Atrofia cerebral or other projects of Miguel.This split we made in 1992 thanks for that I met a lot of southamerican bands,someone met Psychoneurosis in Peru,it was beautiful time and crazy days.Good old times!

9.Stuff from Psychoneurosis avaliable?
At the moment we haven’t anything,everything from us is sold out!Maybe you find something in polish distros,maybe ebay,amazon.Iam sorry  I don’t know.

10.Morbid future plans in Psychoneurosis?
Hard to say.I live in Uk rest of the band in Poland.We have rarely rehearsal and any recordings.I missed for that.We would like to play more gigs,soon record something new.In the future we have booked gigs to Poland,Czech republic,Holland and Belgium so everything going well,keep it up.What else?Be happy it is the most important.

11.Rafal thanks for your time in this interview,last words brother..
I thank you for your support. We salute all the readers.You waiting for our new stuff for Selfmadegod records. We invite you to visit our site on facebook.Cheers and stay grind!

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