jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

Human Overdose Reviews

Human Overdose - DEMO [2015]

From the chaotic U$A,this catastrofic band from pure grind violence called Human Overdose! 
Presents his demo tape 2015 with 9 tracks from fast and furious violent grind with remarkable influences from
Monster X,Crossed Out,Terrorizer,Dropdead!
Loud vocals and screams,intense riffs,bass from destruction and pure blast beats with notables parts power violence in the drums.
Awesome presentation from this demo tape with cover detachable with details from the band.
Total DIY!
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/humanoverdosebinghamton/

Street Feet / Human Overdose Split Tape 

Intense mayhem grindcore violence!!!
This split tape should be exploit your brain in a thousand pieces! Two killer bands from U$A Violence!
Street Feet from will annihilate your brain with 4 tracks from destructive grindcore/powerviolence in the vein from
Assück,Insect Warfare,Spazz,Hellnation!
Human Overdose will destroy your ears with 4 tracks from raw and chaotic grindcore violence in the vein from Old Napalm Death,Terrorizer,Capitalist Casualties!
Tapes edit by Rat Mix Records with Full-Color Inserts. Cassettes have both bands on both sides with HOD starting off side A and Street Feet starting off side B. Only red tapes left. Comes with free sticker!
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/ratmixrecords/?pnref=lhc

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