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Interview - Blood

1.Bloody greetings from Peru maniac! how are you Bernd? all sick there? hows going the things in Blood?
Yeah - thanks for your interest. Everything is fine here. We have a good stable line up after the trouble back in 2014 and are full motivated to continue our bloody work.
Many organizers wants to get us for a show or tour, but we have such a limited time besides of job, family and other stuff to do everything, we'd like to do.

2.Blood is a cult band from splatter death grind gore! since 80s! Bernd please give us a rotting bio about how is formed Blood?
BLOOD was formed by Eisen, Taki, Geier and Radtke in March 1986 as a fun-noise Band. We were fans of early thrath/death Metal and wanted to do something 
at our own, but we had no idea how to handle an instrument.
We recorded 3 Demos during this noisy time.
In June 1987 VENTILATOR joined BLOOD and the songs got more structure and the music became serious. The 4th Demo ´HEINOUS NOISE´ was recorded in Oct.1987, 
the 5th Demo ´SPASMO PARALYTIC DREAMS´, where Bestial Bernd used the micro in Feb.1988 and the 6th Demo ´NO REGRET´ in Aug. 1988 with Chuck on vocals.
After that we found a new Singer called Martin.
At the beginning of 1989 we got our first record-deal with the US-Label ´WILD RAGS RECORDS´ the release of our debut LP ´IMPULSE TO DESTROY´ was in July 
1989. One year later WILD RAGS released our first EP, ´RECOGNIZE YOURSELF´. The rest is well known... 

3.How many stuff have Blood?
We did almost 7 full albums and a bunch of split EPs, full EPs and other stuff, but the last 14 years we haven't released something really new (besides the OEF live tape last year).
Writing new songs goes very slowly... But for this year you can expect something... cannot tell you more at the moment.

4.Bastard influences?
As we started back in 1986 my influences were the first wave of german Thrash (Sodom, Kreator, Destruction), Possessed, Master, Hirax, Hallows Eve, 
Hellhammer. Later also Napalm Death, Terrorizer and Repulsion were a big influence.

5.Back to 80s tell us how was the extreme death grind gore scene in your city/country? Tell us some rotten experiences.
There was nothing at this style around here. Only a few freaks listened to very extreme music and lots of other Hardrock/Metalbands in our hometown 
laughed about us, because we were so noisy and couldn't handle our instruments.
But we gave a shit of that and did, what we like to do... and released the first Album Impulse to destroy back in 1989, when other bands only rehearsed 
for years in their chamber and forgot to go out, because it was not "perfect" enough for them.

6.Which is your opinion about the actual extreme death grind gore scene around the world?
To be honest, I'm a bit out of the modern scene. I prefer the old school bands and also more Death Metal, than Grindcore. I really don't like all those 
bands that are incredible fast and tight, but you cannot remember one note after listening to those records.
In the early days it was more neccessary to write catchy songs/riffs with something that lasts for a longer time. Cool music doesn't need good musicians 
and to be a good musician doesn't mean to play cool music.

7.You know the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
Kraken, Mortem, Necrovomit... not that much - most early South American bands I know were from Brazil (Sarcofago, Vulcano, Rot...)

8.Blood stuff avaliable?
You can visit our shop to see, what is available (it changes very often - things are sold out, new things come):

9.Morbid future plans in Blood?
Await next release(s) and have some killer show announced for 2017, meet long time friends and stay together to crush, kill and destroy...

10.Last words Bernd and thanks for your time in this interview!
Thanxx for your interest into Blood and hail to all our fans, friends, bands we played with and we are in contact. Keep true underground alive!

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