jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Interview - Rot

1.Loud and intense greetings from Peru,Alex!,all killer in Rot? 
We´re changing line up right now so it´s more chaos than being killer. Start new set list for shows... not much. 

2.Grinder give me a brutal trip through the existence of Rot,how is de-formed? all the info! 
Started in 1990. Remained active until 2008. Broke up in 2008. Got back in 2013 and we’re still playing since then.

3.Alex tell me how was the grindcore scene in the old years in Brasil? bands,zines,labels?
The boom was 1990, some noisecore bands like NOISE, CONFUSION, NECROBUTHCER, MAYHEM DECAY CUDGEL, NOISE AGAINST THE SYSTEM, PLAGUE RAGES, DEADMOCRACY and some cool, more into splatter and some more into anarchist themes. Can´t remember all the names sorry. People were more interested to listen to new bands and know and support new people coming to the scene. Until 2002 it was kind of crazy w/ lots of stuff going on at least once a month and also other kids in other towns beginning to make meetings, concerts, zines and so on. 

4.Now how you see the grindcore scene in Brasil? 
After almos 10 years ( from 2002 ) some bands started to make some cool grind / noise again. Some old school way to grind and make noise. It´s good these days. 

5.Basic influences in Rot? the lyrics? 
Old hardcore from finland / sweden / england / germany and kind of all Europe and some USA bands and also some bands from Brasil. Besides the social situation also a philosophical view of some things that we usually would think it´s normal. 

6.Actually how many stuff have Rot in his chaotic existence? 
3 full length, 3 split lps/10” e some eps and split eps. Also lots of tapes. I don´t remember all of them, sorry. 

7.Some member from Rot have another proyect? band,label,distro,zine? 
Marcolino has an anarchist distro of books. Alex (me) has Bucho Discos and plays in Cruel Face. 

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Peru? 
I used to be more fresh w/ the news. Bands such as DIOS HASTIO, LOS REZIOS, SFC are always in my mind.

9.Avaliable stuff from Rot at the moment? 
EP nowhere – avaliable on vinyl in Brasil on ABSURD RECORDS and SELFMADE GOD in poland. This label also released it on cd. It´s gonna be a tape version for usa/ japan through karasu killer. 

10.Morbid future plans in Rot? 
Try to make some new songs and some concerts. 

11.Alex brother thanks for your time in this interview! No Te Calles Zine Crew!
Muchas gracias por el interesse em ROT.

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