viernes, 17 de junio de 2016

Interview - Recalcitrant

1.Chaotic greetings Chris! how is everything in Recalcitrant?
Everything is going well man. Thanks for your interest.

2.Chris give a me fast bio about this band from disturbance grindcore!
I'm Chris I do vocals Jimi on drums and Chantz on guitar 
We play fast crusty style grind core.

3.How many stuff have at the moment Recalcitrant?
At the moment we have our demo that is out. Our split tape with haggus soon to be out. Our split with fiend soon to be out. And our split with Entrails Massacre soon to be out.

4.Suicide influences?
So many to name a few are Excruciating Terror,Internal Rot,The Kill,Regurgitate,early Napalm Death,Mesrine,Last Days Of Humanity,ect ect.

5.Tell me how is the grindcore in your city? which bands you could recommend me?
It's awesome man shows in la and the Bay Areas and brutal. I can suggest you a lot of bands not just from la. Haggus ,couple skate, Nakay, bob plant, fiend,gooch,harm,so many good bands.

6.Some member from Recalcitrant have another proyect? band,zine,label?
Jimi and Chantz play in Short Temper as well as nerve grind.For me Recalcitrant is my only focus.

7.What you think about the grindcore scene around the world?
I think it's awesome man.i listen to as much grind from every country I can get my hands on. 

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Peru?
I don't know to much about bands from Peru. Though I'm very curious.

9.Repungant future plans?
As of right now we have a few big fest coming up. And we are currently writing for out LP.

10.Chris thanks for your time in this interview,last screams!
Cheers! Thank you and thanks to everyone who supports us...

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