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Interview - Paranoid

1.Destructive greetings Emil! all raw in Paranoid?
Hey! All is good! We just got home from the Jawbreaking Mangel devastation west coast tour with Absolut. It was a blast!

2.Give me a bio about this chaotic band! Paranoid! how is formed?
Well, now Paranoid is: Me, Emil Bergslid on drums. 
Joakim Staaf-Sylsjö play the bass and some backup vocals. 
Last but not least we have Henrik Låsgårdh on guitar and lead vocals.

Paranoid formed in 2012, but it was never any plans back then to be a real band.
It all started one evening when Jocke called me and asked me if I could come over the recording studio and just jam some d-beat togheter with him and Åke (Mob 47). They were there to make some new Desperat songs, but was empty on ideas. So I did.
We made a couple of tracks that we also decided on record because everything was already rigged. We needed some one on vocals, so we called our good friend Nils and asked if he had time to do some voclas and he loved to. 
That was how the Hardcore Addict ep was born.
We needed a band name for this project and Jocke came up with Paranoid (from Black Sabbath) because he's solo project Electric Funeral is from that record as well.
After a wile we asked Henke to take over the guitar from Åke and we now had a band that could rehers and do more tracks.

Sadly Nils was killed in an avalanche in 2013. That was real hard for everyone. The band was put on ice for a wile.
When we decided to continue Paranoid, we didn't want to replace Nils so Henrik took over the vocals.

The rest is history.

3.Paranoid how many stuff have at the moment?
We have the Hardcore addict Demo that I talked about in the 2nd question. After that we released the Destroy Future Less System 7" on Konton Crasher. 
Last year we released our first LP, Satyagraha and also the flexi Punkdemonium Hell and the split with Absolut, the Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation. Maybe I have forgott something now, but I don't think so.
All releseas have been re released and re issued on both tapes and vinyls around the world. 
Now we are starting to make new songs for a new LP.

4.Twisted influences?
We take influences from a lot of different thing. Mostly punk/rawpunk, both swedish and japanese, but also metal and heavy metal from around the world. Most the old stuff from the 80's.
It is Jocke and Henke that are the heavey metal heads in Paranoid. hehe.

5.Some member from Paranoid have another proyect? like a band,zine,label?
We all have stuff going on on the side of Paranoid. Jocke have his distro "D-takt & Råpunk", also play in many different bands like Totalt Jävla Mörker and Desperat just to name some.
Henke have a small tape label "Lockyard records" and also play in a local trash metal band called Hypertension.
My self, I haven't got any project going on besides Paranoid at the moments, but later I have played in Brottskod 11 and Warvictims etc.

6.Tell me how is the corrosive crust,d-beat scene in your city/country? which bands you could recommend me
Sweden have a pretty good scene, but were we live, in the northen parts of Sweden it is almost dead. Especially the punk scene. The scene is bigger in the bigger citys in Sweden.
The good thing that the scene is almost dead in our town is that you can travel to other citys and countrys and play your shit. Always nice to be on the road.

7.What you think about the actual crust,d-beat scene around this killer world?
I am always surprised when people from around the world email us and want to buy merch and enjoy our music. It really cool to see that the rawpunk madness is all over the world without exeptions. 

8.You know some fromt the crust,d-beat scene in Peru?
No, this is also a cool surprise when you got in touch with me. I had no idea that there even was a punk scene in Peru. Really exited to hear some stuff from your country!

9.Infamous plans to the morbid future?
The next step for us now is to play at this local fest called "Storsjöyran". We will play togheter with Van Morrison, W.A.S.P, Refused and more. It will be our first real show in our home town, so I  really looking forward to it!

10.Emil,thanks for your time in this interview,last words from war!
My friend, it is I who want to thank YOU for wanted to know more about Paranoid. It is so amazing to see that there are people all over the world that have passion for the scene. Hope to come to Peru some time and play our noisy d-beat madness!
Thank you!

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