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Interview - Endless Swarm

1.Violent greetings Graham! all killer there? How is everything in Endless Swarm?
Hey mate! Everything is pretty busy over here! We’ve just finished recording our split with Tools Of The Trade (Malaysia) and a split with Lugubrious Children (UK) and then we’re on to writing and recording our split with Gets Worse (UK) before playing Chimpyfest in London and doing a UK tour. After that we have a European tour with Groak (UK) and next year we head over to the USA to tour for two weeks and play Summergrindfest 2017 in LA.

2.Give me a chaotic biography about Endless Swarm.
We started out in 2013 as a bit of fun really. We were all big fans of PV and wanted to start playing it. We put out a couple of EP’s and toured the UK and after that we started to take things a little more seriously and put some more focus in to our song writing and production. After the release of ‘Pointless Existence’ we have been putting a lot of time in too writing and recording and this year we have six 7”s planned! The next step for us is to tour as much as possible.

3.How many stuff have at the moment Endless Swarm?
We have managed to do quite a few releases now!

Mindkiller EP (2013)
Lobotomy EP (2014)
split w/ Brainshit (2015)
Live at SOAN (2015)
Pointless Existence 7” (2015)
split w/ Pavel Chekov - 7”/Cassette (2015)
split w/ Concussive - 7”/Cassette (2016)
split w/ Lugubrious Children - 5” (OUT SOON)
split w/ Tools Of The Trade - 7” (OUT SOON)

4.Destructive influences?
We take influences from quite a few places, bands like Terroriser and Napalm Death are the first bands we heard playing this type of music so they are the obvious ones! We’re also influenced by the early Powerviolence bands like Spazz, Crossed Out, Siege and Neanderthal and basically anything that came out through Slap A Ham Records. There’s some solid current bands that have had influence on us as well, like HorseBastard, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Sea Of Shit, Sixbrewbantha and Weekend Nachos.

5.Some member from Endless Swarm have another proyect? band,label,zine?
Yeah! I run record label Mind Ripper Collective, Alex plays bass in Thrash band Black Talon and Dave also drums in grind/noise band Godhole.

6.How is the grindcore scene in your city/country? tell me some about that.
The Scottish Grindcore/Powerviolence scene is kind of small over here at the moment but we’re very well connected with the English scene, places like Leeds for example have a very strong fast scene spawning bands like The Afternoon Gentleman, Gets Worse, Lugubrious Children and Famine. We still get tours coming through here quite often so we don’t miss out on too much, but you’ll often find the same bands supporting most of the Grind/PV shows.

7.You know some from the extreme scene from Peru?
I don’t know much about it to be honest! I’ve heard of Poncho Negro but that’s about it!

8.What you think about Vivisection?
Great band! I remember hearing the split with Nasum/Retaliation/Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ many years ago, killer release.

9.Morbid future plans in Endless Swarm?
Tour, tour, tour and tour! We also have plans to write a full length LP but our main focus right now is too play to as many people as possible.

10.Last vomits and screams Graham! and thanks for the interview!
Thanks for the interview mate!

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