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Interview - Disma

1.Blasphemy and maniacs greetings from Perú! 
All sick and brutal there Bill? how’s going the things in Disma?
Infernal greetings David \m/ \m/
DISMA is festering in a dark rotting crypt of filth and putridity. We are awaiting our next manifestation to arise and crush the weak fools! Right now we are rehearsing for some shows in the upcoming months, soon to be announced. We are also writing for our next full length album. It is going slow but we are steady and can't wait to record again. We do not like to rush anything.

2.Bill give us a deadly bio about the existence from Disma in the extreme metal scene.
Disma’s first incarnation was as early as 2005 with a close friend. But our initial lineup wasn’t finalized until 2008. Under this lineup we recorded all of our material and played many shows. Then in 2015 we parted ways with our second guitarist, Daryl as well our drummer, Shawn in 2016. We hired ex IMMOLATION/GOREPHOBIA drummer Craig Smilowski. Under this new lineup we continue as a 4 piece today. We want to add a second guitarist again. Just have to find the right person.

3.How many stuff have Disma in the present?
Right now we have just released a new 2 song LP titled “The Graveless Remains” through our label, Profound Lore. It is limited to 600 pcs. I believe they are almost gone.  We also have a discography cd released through Necroharmonic Productions. It is called “The Lost Vault of Chaos” It contains all of our demo and Ep/7” material and a “live in the studio” recording on 2 cd's. This release’s title is a tribute to our demo song titles. LOST in the burial fog, VAULT of membros, CHAOS apparition. 
We currently have 1 full length album, “Towards the Megalith”.

4.Influences from the grave in Disma?
Our influences lie within the early metal scenes. The 80's and early 90's produced some of the greatest Thrash/Death/Black metal releases of all time. Bands like Slayer, Venom, Destruction, Sodom, Death, Abhorrence, Celtic Frost, Sepultura, Funebre, Demigod, Morbid Angel, Nihilist/Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Demilich, Grave, Gorefest, and many, many others fueled the fires of our metal torment. We love the old stuff. New music doesn’t really do it for me. Sometimes old school bands can put out good stuff again. But for me anyway, it's the old gods that I always crave.

5.Some maniac from Disma have another projects in parallel?
Our maniac bass player Randi is the only one with another side band. They are called Blest Mess. They play old school punk with a female singer. Like old Misfits, Circle Jerks, Descendants, The Meatmen, DRI style. Check them out! They share a rehearsal space with DISMA. The rest of us concentrate 100% of our time in DISMA. 

6.How is the extreme metal scene in your city/country? explain some more about this and recommend some bands.
The scene used to be so much better in the early years when it was underground and you felt like you were part of some secret cult that only a chosen few were allowed to participate in. To enter you had to prove yourself in the pit!!! But due to the popularity and the invent of the internet, the scene has been exposed to many others not normally into underground music. Unfortunately now the scene here has been infiltrated with posers and crybabies. Back in the day we had religious nuts protesting metal shows. Now we have bands and so called, scenesters pointing fingers and protesting others bands if they don’t agree with them or their personal views. To me these people disgust me. I would never waste my time stopping a band from playing a show for any reason other than someone performing live animal torture or pedophilia. Those people are the sickos. Any other topic…have at it. We supposedly have free speech and freedom of expression in the U$A. But only if it is ok with the new communist, fascist left. Also it’s the age old problem of mixing so called Punk/Crust bands with Death/Black metal bands at fests. Because you will always have a social justice warrior pointing their finger at someone or something they don’t like and try and stop the show or kick bands off. But they are nothing but pre-programmed robots who are indoctrinated with thoughts from the system they swear they oppose. All I say is if it isn’t for you, don’t ruin it for others. But there are some shows in NJ where we live that keep the scene alive. But most shows are in NYC. It has always been the best place for metal shows. Some good local bands you may know of already are, EVOKEN, ABAZAGORATH, FUNEBRARUM and MORTICIAN.

7.You know the extreme metal scene from South America? 
Yes I am very aware of the scene down there. Metal is very popular is South America. Where I live there are many South American diehard metal fans who represent the scene here and keep it alive. Very early I was turned onto bands like Vulcano, Sepultura and Pentagram from Chile as well as many others bands over the years. But unfortunately I don’t follow too many scenes anywhere. The last South American band I was into was Violator. Sick aggressive THRASH!!!!! Do you have any bands you can recommend?

8.Stuff available from Disma? How can the maniacs find your stuff? 
You can find our merch at:  We have new shirts all the time. We are always making new items so you can also look us up on Facebook to see what is coming.

9.Morbid future plans for Disma?
Our plans are to play more shows with our new drummer as well as finishing writing our next album. 

10.Last and putrid words! And thanks Bill for the interview.
Disma would like to thank you David and NO TE CALLES ZINE for this interview. We would also like to thank all of our South American fans who have supported us since the beginning. We hope to make it down there someday. Drink many beers, party and listen to metal. \m/666\m/

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