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Interview - Disgorged Foetus

1.Pestilent greetings from the putrid morgue from Peru maniac! hows going the things actually in Disgorged Foetus? 
Hi Bro, thank you to give the possibility to spread again the GORY invasion of the foetus well, things are going well a since I know that a tribute to the foetus is on the way (extreme GORE GRIND internationnal bands) + a french label re-press "the Years of GOREmageddon" on tape format + some back in stock of the 2 first CD's from UxGx labels.,all that  kick my fuckin ass and I create a facebook page (to test the fans scene of the foetus)  and the answer of the underground is clear, they need fresh sound ! more than 3000 friend in 3 weeks !
Incredible for me to read that on our page ! and after several messages from fans, I deceide to re start the band !
We have many asking to re-press album on tape or on vinyl version and we work on it for our fans !
we work already on shirt with the cover of the tribute CD, available very soon, stay tuned !

2.Disgorged Fetus is a old band from repugnant goregrind from France now influence from anothers goregrind bands! Tell us how is de-formed this rotten band?
The band was formed in early 1996 with Nono a friend during mars/april. i'm into Death GORE Grind scene and my friend more into Heavy / Thrash scene. we trade several stuff to have a better Metal knowledge and we become a very very good Metal friends (today he's a good good friend too).
We just put our instrument with a record player and we play during afternoon, and another afternoon and we have some tracks (entitled vomit in entrails) on tape. I have a great time to put some horror movies sample on the recording just for fun ....

3.How many releases have in his grotesque existence Disgorged Foetus? 
After to make a very very few copie of "Vomit in Entrails" I have more riffs in my head and a clear global musical concept, so we record "Degradation ..." tape more seriously and our disgusting masterpiece  "The GORE party" CD. after 2 years to play with Nono, he want to stop to change his musical direction ... I stop too and I formed GORESTENCH (old school DxMx) with 3 another friends.
this band stopped too and I meet a new friend (pro drummer Dav') and I want to continue  to adventure with DISGORGED FOETUS. we work very hard to have a full set with old & new tracks and we play few local gigs and it's amazing hjow the putrid stench was sick and disgusting !
We record in a real studio (another friend near my home) and we release GORY foetal feast split with 2 other GORE GRIND bands.
We release a DVD with 2 gigs and a fantastic 3 live tracks recording with professional TV staf.
We stopped the band due to personal trouble in 2005.

4.Cadaveric influences?
Many ! from old CARCASS (of course !) DEAD INFECTION, GUT (of course again), HAEMORRHAGE and some old school swedish d-beat great bands. I can't list all influences because they are some Rock bands too ! lol.

5.Some zombie from Disogorged Foetus have another proyect in process from descomposed? 
I don't know cause actually I'm the only member of the_foetus but be sure I have some guys in contact he want to play drums for the_foetus !
I seem to recall that Nono (first drummer of the foetus) play in a rock band and give several show per year and Dav' is a professional drummer / guitar and play for several artist (studio & fest) in rock scene.

6.Freak from the putrid tomb! explaim more about the goregrind scene from your city/country. Recommend some necro-bands.
Ouch ! I'm living between forest and lakes with my vine (lol), very far from towns with musical activities, so there is no GoreGrind scene today near to me
but several French freaks are really into it : INHUMATE / BLOCKHEADS / DIKTAT / VISCERAL DISSECTION ... it's hard to remeber of all ...

7.You know the sick and extreme scene from Southamerica?
Yeah I discover it in a few month and it's really really sick !!!! i
Incredible to see young people into this GORE and SURGICAL atmosphere ! there are a tons of bands and I need 3 lifes to listen all , ha ha ha.

8.Disgorged Foetus have stuff avaliable now? how the foetus maniacs can find that? 9.Morbid future plans?
Yes we have a store on discog.com and ebay with all stuffs but a very very few copies left ! be fast !
We have some future plans :  a tribute CD of DISGORGED FOETUS, new shirt in a few weeks, new album fall of 2017 (cover in state of pre-drawing for now) and some split CD early 2018. for now no gig planned due to a drummer missing !

10.Last bloody vomits and thanks for your putrid time in this interview
Yes, Bro thank you to take time to publish our GORY fecal words ! follow us on FB to have all infos!
In GORE we Trust and more beers for the foetus!

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