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Interview - Anatomia

1.Morbid and deadly greetings from Peru Hell,maniacs! how are you Takashi? hows going the things in Anatomia?
Hails David and No Te Calles zine, and to all the death metal freaks out there! Thanks a lot for the great support, its always nice to find underground death metal dedicated zines like yours, and I'm glad to be a part of this issue. I'm doing well, eveything is going alright here, busy with things like recording, mixing new stuff (our new album recording has finally done), preparing for shows, taking care of merchandise, etc. We have many shows booked, both in Japan and overseas. We'll play in Singapore in this coming July, where Angelcorpse headlining! There's a big death fest here in November called Asakusa Deathfest, just Swedish band God Macabre booked there. So many exciting news here these days.

2.Takashi when i listen Anatomia i feel the stench from death in the ambient! give us how is de-formed this 
chaotic band from death/doom? explain more about ther rotten existence from Anatomia...
We formed this band after we gave up reforming the former band Transgressor. Yeah so originally we were under the name of Transgressor but when me and Yoshio started jamming back in 2002, followed by Jun joined in, we decided to start off with the new name. we commonly like Autopsy, and such slower filth death metal, especially back in the time, the brutal ultra-fast bands were popular and big in the scene, and so we were strongly eager to play music we grew up with and to bring back the ones originally it was. So since then we stayed in slower mid-tempo tunes.

3.How many releases have Anatomia in his aberrant life?
We have two full-length albums, the first one was released in 2005 from Necroharmonic, and the second one was released in 2012 from Nuclear War Now!, and lots of split releases (almost like about 10 splits so far, with different bands from around the world), self-released cassette tape. Our new album is coming out this year as well. Also, some more splits in the works.

4.Cadaveric influences?
Autopsy, Derketa, Grave, Winter, Death, Necrophagia, Evoken and all those underground putrid death metal. We play slow but not really doom or sludge. And like you know we play dark, atmospheric, morbid and sick stuff.

5.Some zombie from Anatomia have another putrid proyect paralell?
I do have one other active band, Necrophile, and also a project band called Wormridden which plays low-tuned putrid death metal in veins of early Funebre and Grave. My old band Transgressor played a reunion show in 2015 when the reissue CD/LP was released. As for the other members, Jun started a project band called Spiral Wheel plays heavy metal, and their album is in the works. This band contains members from ex-Exciter, ex-Sabbat. And Yukiyasu currently has no other band.

6.How is the bestial and putrid scene in your city/country? explain some more about this...
Its ok. There are so many shows happening here, everyweekend or even during the weekdays there're some shows by underground bands at small venues. Many shows but the crowds are usually same, like we know well each other, see familiar faces. You know its a small community supporting the scene. Not many venues, its limited to some. Bit expensive to rent places to play so now there are some bars who offer free rent so many bands started to play such places today. Here in Tokyo, especially everything is expensive, for instance, transportation and accommodation, so the situation is difficult for underground bands to play shows for free. While that situation is there main-stream bands get huge crowds and they play bigger venues.

7.You know the extreme metal scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
Not much familiar but I'm very interested in it, especially that in Peru. I do know some killer bands from Peru, such as like Repugnancia, Profaner, Contumacy, Evoked Terror, Mortem, and had contacted to Crypts of Eternity zine many times as I did an interview with the zine too. I believe that the scene in South America has in each country bigger and more active scene compared to that in here. I heard that so many people usually come to the shows. Wish we could play in Peru and do a tour someday. Other bands to recommend? I'd like to get in touch with more bands, zines, people from Perú.

8.Stuff avalialbe from Anatomia out now? how the maniacs can find the stuff?
We have some copies of our 2nd album "Decaying in Obscurity" on DLP format (the CD version are all gone sold out here), split 10 inch with Undergang "Decay" still available. Also, one-sided "Ushi no Koku Mairi" black T-shirt, logo metal pins (only a few left), red patches (artwork of Shreds of Putrefaction cover), two-sided black T-shirt "Rotting Underground" and our first album "Dissected Humanity" CD are here. You can order those stuff via sending messing on Facebook or just send email message to (

9.Morbid future plans?
There are lots of plans now, we're confirmed to play in Singapore this July at a festival called Morbid Metal Festival where Angel Corpse will play along with some killer Asian bands like Sarakkas, Balberith, Shambles, and Ilemauzar. Also we have just confirmed to play at Gothenburg Deathfest in November in Sweden, along with Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice, Anthem, Lubricant, and more to be announced. As for the release, our new third full-length album is coming out this September (as planned for now) from Nuclear War Now!, which contains 8 brand new songs, some more splits in the works, such as split 7 inch with Gravesite, for which we are recording the song. Italian label Nuclear Abomination will release it. And split with Surgikill should be released during this summer from Selfmadegod Records. Also, liked mentioned earlier again, we'll play at Asakusa Deathfest, which is annual fest started last year with lots of killer bands from around the world. This year we have God Macabre, Sabbat, Savage Deity, Wormrot, and more to be announced. Its a two-days festival. More new releases such as new design shirts and promo tapes, etc.

10.Takashi thanks for your time in this interview,last words maniac!
Thanks a lot for the killer interview. Thanks for your support David, and the best of luck to your zine. Morbid greetings to you all the readers of this sick zine, all the maniacs from Peru. Keep support this zine and underground scene. Check out our new album and some more new releases as well. Stay Morbid and Sick!

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