lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Outrageous Defecation Records - Reviews

Skunk / Existench Split 7¨EP

Grindcore madness from Canada!
Skunk with 5 tracks from pure annihilator grindcore with crustcore influences in the vein from Violent Headache,Nasum,Phobia will make your brain explode!
Existench form part from this aberrant split with 5 tracks from intense and loud grindcore and 10 track from pure fucking noise!

Resistant Culture ‎– Welcome To Reality CD

Grind/Crust from California!
Resistant Culture is known by its destructive grind/crust in the vein from Terrorizer(old),E.N.T,Napalm Death and 
by the mixes indigenous folk elements including flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chants.
This release have 16 tracks + 1 cover from Discharge (Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing).
Resistant Culture’s album “Welcome to Reality” featured the late Jesse Pintado (RIP) of Napalm Death/Terrorizer on rhythm guitar.
This release have is edited by various around the world like 
Seventh Generation Records,Shaman Records,Profane Existence,Delusion Of Terror Records,Fight For Your Mind,Akracia Records ,Vampiro Records,Outrageous Defecation Records.

Global Holocaust / Dehumanized Earth Split 7¨EP

Raw and catastrofic split with this two putrid bands from Canada!
Global Holocaust with 2 tracks from pure crustcore in the vein from Doom,Electro Hippies with destructive vocals,fast riffs,bass from war and d-beat blast in the drums.
Dehumanized Earth with 4 tracks from violent grindcore with influences crust in the vein from Disrupt,Excrement or War.

Warvictims ‎– Thrashpunk Terror Rampage 7¨EP

Swedish Thrashpunk Terror! arghhh!!! is the noisy from this warriors from Sweden from Warvictims!
Are 6 tracks in the vein from Anti-Cimex,Mob 47,Shitlickers!
Screams from war! loud and intense riffs! bass from destruction and drums from terror!
In this times Warvictims form part from influences from some killer bands around the world!

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