sábado, 28 de enero de 2017

Interview - Sow Threat

1.Hey maniac! greetings from Peru,hows going the thing there brother?
Hello Peru punks.You mean I 'll go to Peru?Um, I don't know.hahaha.

2.Tell us how is formed Sow Threat? explain more about the formation from this chaotic band please.
This is simple, Evil and Demon and Chaos image.That output!!
Sow Threat formed by 3people. I'm bass and vocal. Tamura is guitar and chorus, drummer now supporting member.

3.Sow Threat have stuff avaliable? 
Stuff is merchandise mean?That's it.T-shirts and CD and patch.

Punk band only?DIRT,  (Early)Napalm Death, SORE THROAT, DOOM, Bolt Thrower, FRIGORA, PLASMID, and more!!

5.Some member from Sow Threat have another proyect paralell?
No. SOW THREAT only.

6.How is the crustcore/grindcore scene in your city? recommend some bands.
My home town?crusty and grind band it is not!Our only. hahaha

7.You know the crustcore/grindcore scene from Southamerica?
I know some Brazilian punk scene bands.However Ratos De Porao, MUKEKA DI RATO, BANDANOS, ARMAGEDDON, BESTHOVEN, etc.
Tow years ago Argentina punks BOOM BOOM KID japan tour together gig played.

8.Some destructive experience from Sow Threat?
Some destructive?However is it to break the microphone stand?I don't like violence.hahaha.I hope  peace punk!We are ‘Non viovent protesta!!

9.Morbid future plans?
This years 1st full album release plan.from Sapporo city punk label Straight Up records.There wan an offers from SLANG vocalist KO.
and yearend Korean Seoul city tour plan.I can't wait.

10.Thanks for your time in this interview,last words.
My english word broken.haha.
Gracias Mr Diego!!see you!!

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