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Interview - Repulsion

1.Repulsive greetings from Peru Scott! how going the things in Repulsion? all sick and brutal?
All is well, my friend. The world is a sick and brutal place sometimes and we all have to do our best to make it better.

2.Scott Repulsion is a cult band from putrid and horror death grind since 80s. Tell us some more how is form this aberrant band brother...
We formed in 1894 when my pal Matt Olivo and I decided we wanted to start a band that would take the newly budding form of ultra heavy and fast metal to it's utmost extreme. After several lineup changes, we came to the four that recorded the Horrified album.

3.The actual line-up from Repulsion is:
The current lineup is Chris Moore - drums, Matt Olivo, -guitar and Scott Carlson - bass / vocals.

4.How many stuff have edited Repulsion?
Only one full length LP, Horrified, and one 7" single. Not much! Quality over quantity!

5.Gruesome influences?
For musical influences it was Hellhammer, Motorhead, GBH, Discharge, Voivod, Slayer, Slaughter, DRI, Exodus, Crucifix, etc. The sicker and heaver, the better!

6.Basically in that they were influenced to make the twisted lyrics of Repulsion?
Musically, Exodus (first album) and Discharge were big influences to the lyrics that I wrote. I was also influenced by horror comics, horror stories and horror films by HP Lovecraft. Things like The Gates of Hell, Re-Animator, Evil Dead, Zombie, etc.

7.Returning in the old and chaotic years! tell us how was the extreme scene in your city/country?
Back then it was only extreme in that everyone that was into weird shit came together to form a band of oddballs. It didn't matter if you were straight, gay, punk, metal, into theater, film or just plain weird. You would be accepted in the Flint, Michigan underground scene! A real melting pot.

8.You know the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
I do not. You must tell me about it sometime. The only Peruvian bands I know are 70s heavy rockers like Tarkus, Pax, We All Together and Traffic Sound. And of course I know the amazing band Don Juan Matus!

9.Which is your opinion about the actual extreme scene around the world?
I'll be honest. I am quite bored by the extreme scene today. I prefer heaviness to speed and I like a killer drum beat. Not so much blasting. I did that over 30 years ago. It's cool to see that people are still doing it, though! Keeping it brutal!

10.Stuff avaliable from Repulsion? some stuff re-edited i guess!
Only our album, Horrified remains in print today. It's the best thing we've ever recorded so it's best that way!

11.Morbid future plans in Repulsion?
We'll just play shows from time to time. Matt, Chris and myself are all involved in various musical projects so no one is sitting around doing nothing!

12.Last vomits and thanks for your time in this interview Scott!
UUUUAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! There it is - the one last VOMIT for you! Thank you for this interview and for keeping the underground ALIVE!!!!

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