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Interview - Nuclear Death

1.Evil greetings from Peru! Phil how are you? all in order there?
Greetings- to you, David and to the readers of No Te Calles ‘zine! 
I am doing great at the present time . . .all is going well with Feral Viscera and the Nuclear Death Cult!

2.Please brother as was formed this abominable band called Nuclear Death in those years of dementia and putrefaction?
Nuclear Death was formed in the era of damnation that was the year 1986 . . . by Lori Bravo. There was another guitarist before me, but one day he found “god” in his dirty panties- so he quit. Then I joined the band. A couple of months later we got a drummer- Joel Whitfield. In fact, I am working on getting Joel to step in as drummer for Feral Viscera.

3.Phil how was the old school grind/death/gore scene in your country in the early years? which was the bands,zines,labels what had at that time?
Here in Phoenix, the death/grind scene was basically just us . . . so it was rough. We were different than the thrash metal bands at that time. People did not know what we were doing- especially with a female vocalist/bassist! But looking back, it was cool because we were different. We stood out and we played what we wanted to play- fast, loud music with strange stories to be told!
Now that was just here in our home town. In other cities we played, the scene was madness and chaos, as it should be. I would say from 1989 to 1992 were the years that formed the solid foundation that is the “old school” sound of Death Metal and Grind Core! Bands at that time . . . Incantation, Immolation, Autopsy, Impetigo, Mortician, Morbid Angel, Goreaphobia, Pestilence to name a few . . .

4.Nuclear Death releases?
Nuclear Death releases that I was on are:

1986-Wake Me When I’m Dead  demo

1987- Welcome To The Minds Of The Morbid  demo

1988- Vultures Feeding  demo

1990- Bride Of Insect LP (Wild Rags Records)

1991- Carrion For Worm LP   (Wild Rags Records)

1992- For Our Dead  EP  (Wild Rags Records)

That was it for me . . . I left the band in 1992.

5.Wich was the influences for creating the catastrophic sound from Nuclear Death?
I was influenced by horror movie soundtracks. Like the music from the movie The Omen (1976), It’s Alive (1974) - Bernard Hermann did the music for that movie- he also did the music for the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho (1960). Other influences would be Krzysztof Penderecki and Bela Bartok (eerie music), Black Sabbath and the Plasmatics.

6.About the dementia,descomposition and madness,influences?
I write what is in my head . . . which is, yes, madness! I have always read books, mostly horror and science fiction but that is just what I like . . . my words come from my mind which is home to what people call “an over-active imagination”. Since I can remember, I have always had constant visions or images going on in my mind- always weird, always strange- like short films that are set to eerie music . . .
Like take for example the song “Womb of Man” . . . I wrote this song back when I was in Nuclear Death, but we never used it; so I revised it last year and Feral Viscera recorded it . . .  it is about a guy sitting on the toilet. He’s about to shit when suddenly he is raped by the toilet (or perhaps something from within the bowl)- he becomes pregnant and it is not pretty . . . he eventually gives birth to a baby made of his creamy, brown shit . . . ahh, happy endings . . . 

7.Now the members from Nuclear Death have another proyects...tell us more about this.
I don’t know about Lori- she does her own thing- like jazz or folk music- I’m not sure. And Joel- like I said earlier, I am trying to get Joel to do drums for Feral Viscera- which is now my main project- along with the Nuclear Death Cult which I am working on with a female vocalist. I had another band recently- Whorror- but the drummer backed out- so I’m now focused on Feral Viscera!

8.Someday possible reunion from Nuclear Death?
That would be great . . . but who knows . . . I don’t think Lori will do it.

9.You know the actual extreme scene from southamerica? maybe Peru?
A bit maybe- Cotard Syndrome from Lima yeah? I like the word “cotard” and it’s a real mental illness! Blaspherion . . . and Vlad . . . I’ve seen some live shows from Peru- be great to play there- looks like a brutal good time!

10.Morbid future plans Phil? 
To play “Whips n Stitches” with witches and bitches and “Who’s More Nuts?” with demons and sluts . . . I will keep writing and recording music . . . I hope to get out and tour- spreading the strange and extreme music! Feral Viscera has a new project for the coming year- “New World Odor” . . . !

11.Thanks for your time in this interview brother,last vomits!
Thank You, David! Enjoyed the interview- Hope to visit the scene in Peru . . .! Visit our website at:

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