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Interview - Cystoblastosis

1.Rancid greetings from the morgue from Peru! all in descomposition in Cystoblastosis?
Hii! Cheers from Russia! Hahaha, sure! All time and right now, too

2.Tell us how is de-formed this pestilent band from annihilator goregrind?
Cystoblastosis was formed in St. Petersburg 4 april 2015. First members was Olga Tlen (Phlegmsepsia, P. A. O. V. etc) – vocal, Ivan Kuzmin (Sram) – guitar, Anton Kiselev (Сamphora Monobromata, Chronic Waste etc) –  drums. In August started playing Alex Kondrash (Parodontosis, TxPx) on guitar.

3.How many stuff have edited Cystoblastosis?
Now we have about 8 released tapes and CD and soon will be more putrid stuff on physical media! Right now realizing about 3 splits

1.Drowned In Pancreatic Fluid (Demo) mini CD-r 2015 NoBread

2.Erysipelasis/Cystoblastosis split tape 2015 Booba Rec

3.Cystoblastosis/Trabecular Hepatocellular Carcinoma split tape 2016 Ulcerated Flesh Records

4. Postmortem Neurofetish Bionecrosis /Cystoblastosis "Forensic Anthropology Is For Identification And Recovery Of Remains" split CD-r 2016 Rectal-Purulence

5.MEATAL ULCER/CEPHALOPHORE/CHAOTIC SOUND/CYSTOBLSTOSIS 4-way split tape 2016 Craniophagus Parasiticus Records

6.PARAZITÓZIS/CYSTOBLASTOSIS/BLACK BILE 3-way split tape 2016 Craniophagus Parasiticus Records

7.Cystoblastosis/Human Stench Rests In The Morgue/The Maricopa County Department of Waste Management /V.O.M.I.T. 4-way split tape NewBornProdz

8.Decompurulent Ulcerator/ Emetophagia/ Cystoblastosis 3-way tape World-wide Suicide Products 

4.Cadaveric influences? 
For us it’s Hyperemesis, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Autophagia, Maggut, Last Days Of Humanity and other goregrind bands.

5.Some dis-member from Cystoblastosis have another proyect paralell? 
Sure! I have a few projects and maybe soon will more hahaha. It’s Phlegmsepsia, Pulmonary Aspiration Of Vomit, Ecthyma Gangrenosum. Alex playing in Turning Paralysis, Parodontosis and Anton playing in Сamphora Monobromata, Chronic Waste.

6.How is the grindcore/goregrind scene in your city/country? recommend me some sick bands.
In our country active grindcore scene and have many bands. For example it’s Inopexia, Sram, Active Stenosis, Warthog, Hydropsy, J.M. Churchill, Triple Dewormint , Penis Amputator,  ВѢНА , PSAR 

7.What you think about the actual grindcore/goregrind scene around the putrid world?
I think now have a lot of awesome sickness bands and projects in worldwide. Such as  Acid Feast, Hyperemesis, Nasty Face, Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy , Shitfun, Fetal Deformity, Human Atrocity, Active Stenosis, Vomitoma,  Postmortem Neurofetish Bionecrosis, Halitosis, Meatus, Birth, Metastasis, Archagathus, Haggus, Meatal Ulcer, Infant Myiasis, Rectocele, Migraine , Sulsa, Vomi Noir, Oozing Pus, Pulmonary Fibrosis and.. I can long continue this list hahaha.

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Southamerica?
Of course!!! First of all for me it’s the Brazilian scene. For sure, the best band for me it’s Lymphatic Phlegm and also I like a lot Neuro-Visceral Exhumation, Feculent Goretomb,  Insepsy , Vômito, Rotting Flesh,  Necrobiose Escrotal,  Rancid Flesh, Thanatopsis, Scatologic Madness Possession, Flesh Grinder, Rot, Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering and etc. In my opinion it’s best scene in goregrind.

9.Morbid and twisted future plans in Cystoblastosis?
In this year we planned will make about 8 splits with Fetal Deformity, Ingrown, Rectocele , Haggus, Shitfun, Oesophage, Meatus , Deterioration, Liquified Insides. 

10.Olga thanks for your time in this interview,last vomits! 
And thank you! I’m glad take a part in this.

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