jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012

Interview - Doom

1.How are you Stick? all good in Doom?
Doom are good. we are busy as we can be with all the other shit we have going on, commonly known as "life". We are managing to fit in some tours & one off gigs & more are coming.

2.Please tell us how is formed Doom,members,ex-members...
I think there are many examples of the doom history (see the history on the website, it's all there) so I'm not going to waste my typing finger on that.

3.How was the crustcore , grindcore scene in U.K in the old times? bands? fanzines?
It was a different world before internet, we all sent letters & cassettes & fanzines were the way we got to hear about bands. A good example is what I am doing now, an interview sorted out in a few minutes rather than weeks.

4.Some member from Doom have another proyect?
I (Stick) also play for The Varukers, Scoot in Hellkrusher, EOM Alehammer, Bri in Lazarus Blackstar & Den in Gloomy Sunday.

5.Actually Doom is a big influencie for crust and grindcore bands bands,you are happy with all this?
I'm not unhappy about it. Just because someone likes doom does not mean I always like what they do but it is good that we are making people want to make music.

6.Doom lately has a new lineup and new presentations have been, then we Doom for awhile.
The line up now is of people who have been involved with doom over the past history. Den has sang with doom before but also played bass & guitar, the difference is now he is the permenant singer raher than just occasionally.

7.Tribute to Doom! you are happy with this release? my friend Julio Helvetet Records from Peru launched this tribute.My friends from Kaos Endemico too from Peru playing ¨Phobia for Change¨ in this release.
Listening to the compilation made me realise we must make it look easy playing basic songs because I was suprised how many people got it wrong. The best band was Ruin on that cd.

8.Doom have a lot of releases,but now Doom have new releases? which are?
Our last release was a 7" for the US tour but we re released in Europe as a 12" with extra songs. we have plans to record a full lp in 2013.

9.What you think about the vivisection?
Pointless. most results are of no use. a waste of life & time.

10.Chaotic future plans in Doom?
Tours & recording when we can.

11.Last words for your friends from Peru from No Te Calles Zine.
Good luck with all your future endeavours.


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