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Interview - Blue Holocaust

1.Bloody greetings Pierre,all fine in this putrid proyect?
Hey! Everything is fine... Things are going slow but unless I have a scission with myself, Blue Holocaust will probably go on and on until I die or I am in a coma... I'm currently recording for a Split with BIRTH, sick goregrind from Minnesota, working on obtaining a better drum machine sound right now.

2.How you deformed Blue Holocaust? when? how?
I started Blue Holocaust in 2001. I used to do another noisecore project before that... but I decided to try and record some real goregrind. The plan was to play something fast and crude and with pitch-shifted vocals. I was in contact with another drum machine band from the UK called Savage Man Savage Beast, we decided to do a split release together and that was the start of it all... Later a label called Murder the World asked me about doing a full length CD and I decided to do, despite having no money, no decent recording equipment... I guess Blue Holocaust is really a kind of virtual band, just a project to capture some of the song ideas and concepts I have in my head, no matter how awful the sound production turn out to be...

3.At the moment the repugnant discography from Blue Holocaust is:
In terms of “pro-made” releases, this is it:
-”Twitch of the Death Nerve” Full Length CD (2004)
-Split 7” with EMBRYONIC CRYPTOPATHIA (2008)
-Split 7” with EXPURGO (2011)

Musically, Napalm Death before 1989, Regurgitate, Roskopp (Australia), Exulceration, Xysma, Enemy Soil, Wadge, early Gore Beyond Necropsy & Catasexual Urge Motivation, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage. 
Lyrically and I’d say Impetigo, Repulsion and stuff like that… 
These days I’m listening to Hatred Surge alot, some kind of influence from that band could be seeping in too… The movie soundtracks of Bruno Nicolai, Ennio Morricone, Luis Bacalov, Riz Ortolani, Armando Trovaioli, Bernard Herrmann, Goblin, etc… are somewhat of an influence on my music too. I sometimes rip off movie soundtrack melodies & beats for riff ideas!

5.You are a complete fan from gore movies,tell us which are your favorites.
I’m more of a fan of the giallo genre really, rather than purely gory films. Films like Blood and Black Lace, Deep Red, Bird with the Crystal Plumage, What Have You Done to Solange?, Case of the Scorpion’s Tail, Torso, Don’t Torture a Duckling, Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Case of the Bloody Iris… I need a murder mystery aspect! For me, these films are an endless source of inspiration for writing lyrics and doing the cover artwork. 
Also, all the tracks for my upcoming 4 way split tape are actually inspired by a Spanish movie called “La Residencia” (1969) aka “The House That Screamed”!
Upcoming split with BIRTH should be all about Brian de Palma’s “Sisters” (1973), another one of my favorites. I think the concept of Siamese twins getting "split apart" from that film fits the split EP format so well!
In terms of really sick, gory films I really like “Buio Omega” aka “Beyond the Darkness”, that’s the movie I got the name “Blue Holocaust” from. And “Cannibal Holocaust” is another favorite. I ‘d really like to do a whole concept LP about Italian cannibal films called “Flesh for the Cannibal God” one of these days!

6.Tell us more about your website Braindead.
I’ve been doing Braindead Zine on and off for many years now… The address is www.grindgore.net and you can find mostly reviews, interviews & some news there… The main focus is Goregrind & Grindcore music, with the occasional Old School Death Metal and Fast Hardcore. I’ve gotten active again a lot more lately, trying to post new stuff regularly enough… You can follow updates by liking the facebook page: www.facebook.com/grindgore.net or through twitter: twitter.com/braindeadzine

7.Your top - five together: grindcore-goregrind bands.
I’m gonna go with current bands, these are my favorites:
-GROTESQUE ORGAN DEFILEMENT from Canada, can’t wait for their Split 7” with WADGE & Split 10” with VIOLENT RESTITUTION!
-ROSKOPP from Australia, check out their full length CD “Mutation, Voodoo, Deformity or Disease”, it’s coming out this month through Blastasfuk Grindcore!
-SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE, more awesome grind from Australia
-THE KILL, again from Australia! Their new full length “Make ‘Em Suffer” is completely amazing!
-HYPEREMESIS, sick mince/goregrind from Canada, so many split tapes!!!
These are the bands I genuinely care about the most right now… but there are a lot more of course… Spanish grind scene is awesome too with Machetazo, Nashgul, Looking for an Answer, Gruesome Stuff Relish, etc...

8.Morbid future plans.
-4 Way Split Tape with LYSERGIC RITES OF SADOPRIEST (electrogoregrind from Mason/ex-ENEMY SOIL/BLOWER), HYPEREMESIS & ONIKU… This will be a pro-duplicated cassette.
-Split 7” with ROSKOPP (Australia), long time coming but hopefully this can still happen one day!
-Split Tape/CD with BIRTH (Us Goregrind), I would have liked a 7” release for this but it might not be realistic…
-“Flesh for the Cannibal God” LP maybe in a distant future…
I’m working on a Blue Holocaust live set… Still just an idle plan for now, but I’m gonna try to rehearse a set list.

9.Last vomits.
Thanks for the interview! If you enjoy the violent emotions, check out Blue Holocaust on bandcamp, lots of free downloads http://blueholocaust.bandcamp.com/ I think I’ll add the “Twitch of the Death Nerve” CD there soon, and probably more later…
Keep up the good work… Love all these crazy interviews you're doing!

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