lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

Interview - Magnum Force

1. Hey Danny,what´s news in Magnum Force?

Hey brother,all good in the band with much violence!

2. Give me a little bio about Magnum Force?

We started in 08' I believe. We wanted to play in a fast band so we came together and made songs recorded a demo tape put it out then we put out a record on to live a lie records.

3. How many stuff have at the moment Magnum Force?

I think you are trying to say how much stuff have we put out? We put out a demo tape and another tape limited to 30 tapes which is sold out and a 7" on to live a lie records. Hopefully going to put out a 3 way split with sex prisoner and ACXDC.

4. The lyrics are about?

It depends on how I'm feeling self loathing ep was mostly about depression. I also write lyrics about queer issues as me being a gay guy in hardcore. i basically write about stuff that affects me personally.

5. Influences?

Probably same old shit our dudes in Magrudergrind, Coke Bust, Infest all the old hardcore bands I don't want to name them all.

6. how you see the actual crust/grind/power violence scene around the world?

Its cool to see the different scenes. I don't really have much views on that.

7. What you think about:


All those bands rule.

8. How is the scene in your city/country? bands?

The scene here in arizona is pretty good we have a lot of good bands coming up like Avon Ladies, Gay Kiss, Urban Struggles, Night Gaun.

9. Future plans?

Record put out another record

10. Last lines bro.

Thank you for taking interest in our band and I hope you like the 7".

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