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Interview - Noisear

1.Dorian,bro,whats news in Noisear?

We have a 3 way split CD with The Kill from Austrailia and Antigama from Poland coming out on
SELFMADEGOD/HAUNTED HOTEL RECORDS,A split 7"/CD with Department Of Corrections from France,and our LP/CD "Turbulent Resurgence will be out on CD-Willowtip Records and LP-Deep Six Records on Sept. 25th. Very excited about all these releases!

2.Give me a short biography about this chaotic band.

Started in 1998 by Alex Lucero,Joe Tapia,Bryan Fajardo,Thomas Romero and Angelo Perea. I joined in 2001. We all set out to create a new breed of chaotic grindcore since we all shared the same interests like Grindcore,Food,Sex,Weed,Drinking and staying Adrenalized!


Parade of the lifeless split 1997
Self titled 7" 1998
Compilation Hymns for the hearing impaired 1999
Regurgitate split 2002
Red Tape Agenda 2002
Parkinsons disease benefit comp Planting a seed 02
Submit to the subliminal-1998
Pyroclastic Annhialation-03
Arson Project split 2006
this comp kills fascists 2010
Subvert the dominant paradigm 2011
theres more but i cant remember lol


Sociopolitical,awareness,Fighting addiction,Terminal Disease,Daily life,The destruction of earth by humanity,Pointless wars,Animal cruelty,Subliminal propaganda,Conspiracy theorys.etc


Discordance Axis,Phobia,Human Remains,Assuck,324,Lethargy,Drop deade,Disrupt,Capitalist Casualties,Hell Nation,No comment,Anything GRIND AS FUCK!!!

6.How is the grindcore scene in your country/city?

VERY oversaturated. I blame the internet.

7.What you think about the political corruption?

It is terrible. They lie to us all. Its a sham,not just in our country but around the world

8.Some member from Noisear play in another band?

Bryan Fajardo and i have played in Kill the Client and Phobia. Bryan also plays in PLF and Gridlink. We also had a band called Enemies of Inertia. Joe Tapia plays in Laughing dog and Alex Lucero plays in both Noisear and LD as well. i have many other new projects including Fragmented Aura/Genocaust (arizona death grind) as well as Cara Neir,Code Error,Diseased reason,Ditheist,Astralnomicon and many more.

9.Future plans?

Create more insane Music for Grindfreaks till we die!!!!! aaaargh!

10.Las lines bro.

Sex,Grind and Weed for All. Thank you! \m/

Contact: artortured666@yahoo.com

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