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Misery - Interview

This interview is answerd by Gary and Jon

1.Hey Misery,how are you guys? what´s news in Misery?

All is as well as can be , we've just released a downloadable 14 song project called "From Where The Sun Never Shines" available at It's a 100% DIY recording project that we did over the last 5 years in our basement studio. It may also be released on vinyl in 2012, we're just working on that at the moment.

2.Tell us a little bio about Misery.

Misery formed in 1987 in Minneapolis. At that point in time there was no other band in the city that had our type of sound, it was something new in the land of Husker Du and the Replacements.Al (Nausea, Sin) was on vox for the first couple of years and left for New York to do some wonderful things with Nausea and our good friend Sid moved from Portland Oregon to Minneapolis and joined the band.Gary And Jon had been playing with Sid since 1986 when they all lived in Portland.This was to become our lineup and still is to this day.We released our first 2 7" records shortly after with help from Felix ( havoc records) on our own label AYF records, they found their way around the world and had a pretty good response as we started getting a lot of letters and contacts. Even though we have lives outside of the band we have continued playing and releasing music, with a few tours we've had the rare oppurtunity to do, and the local shows we have the honor to play. We have quite a few years behind us and hope for many more.

3.How many stuff have Misery?

Born Fed Slaughtered 7", Blindead 7", Children Of War 7", Misery/ Ass Rash split 7",Misery/ Hellspawn split 7", Live  "Your Leaders Were Lying" 7", Next Time 7", Production thru Destruction LP, Who's the Fool lp, Misery/ SDS split LP,Misery/ Extinction of Mankind split LP, Misery/ POD split cd, Misery/ Toxic Narcotic split 12",Misery " Prehistoric Times" downloadable recordings with Al on vox, Misery " From Where The Sun Never Shines" downloadable, and we've been on too many compilations to list.

4.The lyrics are about?

Our lyrics are about the misery that has become a way of life in a world that is controlled by a very arrogant species called mankind.

5.In the early years from Misery,how was the crust scene in your city/country?

In the beginning we were one of the only bands here to cater to the underground political punk movement, the only other one was a band called Test Monkey and soon after came Destroy.After a few years bands were forming all over the city, a fuck load of punks were moving here and forming bands with the same ideas and energy that we were putting forth.It has since become a pretty large group of folks that have done some pretty amazing things. There are now a lot of venues that are run by the punks where bands can do shows and a few pretty good punk run labels that release a lot of really good music.In the beginning it was much harder to find a place to do shows so we played a lot of basement shows ( which are always the best) and slowly worked our way into a couple of small clubs that would let us play.Touring was a fucking task back then as good contacts were hard to obtain.When the first publishing of "Book Your Own Fucking Life" came out it was a blessing, as now it was getting easier to connect with like minded people that would help you find your way around to places to play.Now with the internet it is a fucking cake walk for the newer bands. 

6.With which bands Misery shared stage?

We have had the pleasure to share the stage with many bands. We've been playing for so long that it is kind of hard to make up a list without leaving anyone out.Some of the more popular bands are GBH, Broken Bones, Discharge, Varukers, Amebix, Dirt, Nausea, Extinction of Mankind ( 1 European tour and 2 in North America), UK Subs..............White Zombie ha. So Many more we could fill up pages.

7.You know the extreme scene from south - america?

We have a large population of South American punks in Minneapolis, many are our friends, why they would come up to this hellishly cold place we don't know, but we are very aware of the So Am world of punkrock.

8.What you think about vivisection? bullfights? this is shit for me! Cruelty brings nothing good.

None at all, the're are so many other ways to do experiments where no life is endangered and many more ways to get pleasure out of life.

9.A word.

POLICE:Too much corruption in the world of the police.Never trust a badge.

RELIGION: Religion implants some sort of hope in a world that seems hopeless, and it is the seed that grows into death and destruction.It has built more walls between people than anything. Plus the power and manipulation on society as a whole, it has carried us to the brink of Destruction.

WAR:Just an example of the arrogance of mankind.Nothing is worth killing or dying for, it's just sad how many people can be fooled into believing that what they are doing is right, when they have been decieved.

10.Future plans in Misery?

We will continue.

11.Last words.

Respect the Mother, Father, Brother and Sister.There is something better to be found inside all of us, you must dig deep inside and find that and live every moment as that.It will do nothing more than make this world a better place for All Of Us.
  Thank you,


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