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Agathocles - Interview

1.Hello Jan,all good with you? what´s news in Agathocles?

Cheers amigo, all OK here. We are working on new records like AG “KANPAI” LP, AG “FULL ON IN NIPPON” LP, AG/CDO split CD, AG/CANNIBE split CD and other stuff. No gigs planned except one in France in December 2011.

2.Give me a little bio about Agathocles.

It’s better to read it on www.myspace.com/agathocles. It’s too long to tell and quite boring.

3.Agathocles suffered a lot of changes in the line - up,tell me the actual line - up from Agathocles is?

At the moment its Nils, Bram and me.

4.How was the grindcore scene in the years 80s,90s?

The 80’s were the most exciting, because GRIND/MINCE was new, fresh and uncompromised. Later, it all went bad, at least for me. I am stuck in the 80’s. Great bands in grind/noise/raw punk in the 80’s were LARM, SLOD, PATARENI, NAPALM DEATH, DRUDGE, MAD, CYANAMID, CONFUSE, GAI, STATE CHILDREN, NOB, WRETCHED,….too many to mention.

5.The discography from Agathocles is very big,but for you which
releases are your prefers?

I like them all. Every release brings up memories from that time. All different kind of memories, good ones and bad ones. But I like them all. They are all a part of times that have passed.

6.In the old Agathocles share some splits with PUTRID OFFAL and
SMEGMA,bands from goregrind,now because you criticize bands from
goregrind? i see the letter from the split with CÜ SUJO,the track was Grindebilis or Contradiction? well tell me your change from opinion from this bands called Goregrind.

We haven’t changed opinion. We have nothing against gore and splatter. But we have problems when bands glorify things like snuff movies, rape, sexism, homophobia,… Bands which support these values are not our friends, to say the least.

7.How you see the actual grindcore scene around the world?

I have lost a lot of interest in the “grind scene”. Most of new “grind” you hear and see these days is a form of extreme metal. GRIND does not belong there, even when grind has metal-influences.


8.When Agathocles come to Peru,how you see the scene? enjoy Peru?

I love PERU. We have only be one time there, but all time in PERU was amazing and I really hope we will make it back to PERU one or more times. People were so friendly and for me, it was a refreshing moment to see, live and learn a new culture different then the European one.

9.What you think about:

PROTEST: para siempre y mas
BULLFIGTHS: waste of blood, time and money
ANIMAL RIGHTS: first human rights, then animal rights
MINCECORE: = old school raw grind/noise from the 80’s

10.Stuff avaliable from Agathocles?

A lot of stuff. Just write me or check your local underground distribution.

11.Future plans?

Make records, play gigs, meet friends, make new friends (and enemies too) drink beer and wine and trying to be healthy.

12.Jan,thanks for this interview,your last words.

Thanx for your interest, amigo. And your support. The same to all people who have in some way helped us out to be where we are now. Cheers and good health to all of you.

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