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Interview - Despise You

1.Hey Phil,how are you dude? what´s news in Despise You?

I'm good.  Despise you last did an east coast tour in September from Boston down to Florida with Magrudergrind.  It was an amazing tour and we had a blast with those guys.  We took a break and now we're just gonna start practicing again for a couple shows coming up.

2.Tell us a little bio about Despise You.How is formed?

Despise You was formed around '93 or '94.  Chris Elder was doing his zine Pessimiser at the time and had plans to put out records with Marc Theodore of Theologian Records.  He wanted to do a band, but just to record and put stuff out.  I was playing in Crom at the time and he hit me up along with Jerry from Excruciating Terror, Frank from Stapled Shut and Rob from Rise/Evil Dead.  We got together and started jamming and that's how it all came about.

3.The discography from Despise You is:

man...  hahaha i think the discogs website probably has it right.  We first had the song on Cry now, cry later.  Then the split 7" with crom.  There was a four way split with spazz, crom and stapled shut.  The split with Suppression on slap a ham.  We had a couple songs on the Bovine comp with Eyehategod.  We had our own 7" on Pessimiser.  We had the first 15 or so songs on the West Side Horizons cd that were supposed to be for the Man is the Bastard split lp.  We have a song on the Reality comp from Deep Six.  We have a song on the Bleeaarrrgh comp and the new split lp with Agoraphobic Nosebleed.  Am i leaving anything out?

4.The lyrics are about?

Usually about fucked up shit that happens around Inglewood and LA proper. 


Speaking for myself i would have to say Terrorizer, Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, No Comment, Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones.

6.How is the grindcore,power violence scene in your city/country?

It's definitely still going on out here, the only problem is there are less places to play.  The pigs keep shutting down good spots.  There are basement, backyard and house shows still going on which is good, but it just kinda sucks right now out here in that regard. 

7.You know the extreme scene from south america?

No i actually really don't.  We'd love to come out that way though.

8.What you think about:

CROSSED OUT:  the split with Man is the Bastard blew me away when i first heard it.
CHARLES BRONSON:  These guys ruled.  Funny as shit lyrics and naming themselves after an ass kicker like that.  brilliant.
NO COMMENT:  The Downsided 7" is the best power violence (or whatever you wanna call it) release ever.
LACK OF INTEREST:  Great band and glad they're still going.  Bob is the man.  Grandpa is too.

9.Future plans?

We hope to get out to Canada and possibly Europe later this year and i'm sure at some point we will write some new stuff as well.

10.Last words Phil.

Thanks for the interview and sorry for lagging man.


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