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Interview - Visions of War

1.Hey warriors from Visions of War,greetings from Peru Hell! hows going the things there?
First of all we're not warriors , secondly freezing my nutts off an answering semi sick , so bare with me /us ;)

2.Give us a raw and chaotic biography about Visions of War please.
Oooh man , there where so many different line ups , but it all started like 1996-1997 , to many line-up changes , but well hat's why i hate doing interviews , theline-up changes i always thought this is the line-up to do more stuff , apparently not , anyways no regrets (how stupid it sometimes went ) between all the "ex"members , people evolve and only a few drag nostalgia further , also injuries , alcohol , ego's and what not not :)

3.Official discography from Visions of War?

Well some , compilation 7" and lp's 

but for the  rest ...

7" (splits)

- with OKOTTA (Bel) 

-with Hellkrusher (UK)

LP's (splits)

-with Olho De Gato (everywhere)

-with Cop on fire (ES/US)

-with Mass Genocide Process (Cz)


-title : Shit Parade

-title : King of Swines 

4.Destructive influences?
DooM , the band , Excrement Of War , Discharge , HIATUS , ....yer typical "cool" 90's crust , d-beat.

5.Tell us how is the hc/punk/crust/core scene from your city? recommend some bands?
Same as everywhere else but better / worser !

6.You know the hc/punk/crust/core scene from Southamerica?
We met a few bands / people , lovely down to earth folks .And bandwise  pfjoeeww not enough ink on this compuker ....(ps don't wanna forget anyone ;))

7.Stuff avaliable from Visions of War?
Some from us , still ;) And check out discogs they  go cheaper than the normal diy distro , but in the end know who you support !

8.What you think about vivisection?
Humm , this is a personal question , we have from vegans to carnivores in the band , so personally , no-one in the band is a animal hater  or abuser , atransplantationnd further down the lil road of thinking , i don't know , if an animal (let's say pigheart transplant , you go for yer own life or the animals one ?) but generally yes i do care and try not to buy or consume animal-suffering related stuff , although bought a 4-hand leather jacket , so's not all that black / grey , i now vegans who skip and eat cheese , so yup better to eat it than been thrown down the drain.

9.Morbid future plans?
Do a Trump-strategy to employ people and create jobs , but not on our expense ;) Nope , Well, the lovely ine-up we got now is wonderfull to play with , but everyone has another band or bands , or a family or basicly distance , since we don't live in the same country ( 4/5 do ) , we'll see but for sure we'll keep on going on....

10.Mate your last words and thanks for your time in this interview.
Thank you so much for yer time and wasting mine (hahahaha) take care overthere , like we try to do it overhere ! Love , respect and hate towards who deserve it ! 

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