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Interview - Drones for Queens

1.Loud and chaotic greetings from Perú,Evan! hows going all in Drones from Queens?
Thank you Dave!! Greetings from Philly!  Things in Drones for Queens are going very well right now and we are writing a bunch of new material.

2.How is formed this raw and noisy band called Drones from Queens? hows been the beginings?
My younger brother Shane and I were touring in other bands for a long time, and he had this idea to start write a bunch of short fast songs for a brand new band of our own (this was around 2010/2011) and we recorded the first Drones for Queens demo EP in late 2011 with just the two of us.  Shortly after that we asked our long time friend Bob to join the band on bass so we could play live.  The plan from the beginning was to keep the songs short, fast, and hopefully as catchy/interesting as possible, with lyrics that were grounded in the darkness and monotonous reality of the everyday person.

3.How many stuff released Drones from Queens?
We have the Health EP (cassette/digital) from 2012, a split 7” with Occult 45 from 2013, the Practically Weapons 7” EP from 2014, and the  Unwavering Servant LP (cd/digital) from late 2016.

4.Fast influences?
The Crown, Impaled Nazarene, Lock Up.

5.Some member from Drones from Queens have another proyect paralell?
I play in a punker thrash band called Crack House, and our bassist Bob has something new and unamed in the works.  Bob was in Dirt Worshipper and Aperion.  Shane and I played in Woe, and Woods of Ypres.  Shane had a hardcore band called Sovereign and I played in the metal punk band Population Zero.

6.Explaim some more about the grindcore scene from your city and recommend some bands.
Philadelphia has a great extreme music scene across the board.  There’s a ton of venues and always a lot of shows going on.  We are only a few hours drive from other cities like New York, Baltimore, DC, and Boston, so there are always good touring bands coming through.  Some of the notable grind bands in Philly are Die Choking, Total Fucking Destruction, Night Raids, Durian, Ground, Occult 45, Bumfeeder, and Beasters, plus a ton of great hardcore punk bands and extreme metal bands.  Steve from Pyrrhon lives here as well!

7.You know some from the grindcore scene from Southamerica?
Not as much as we’d like!!  We would love to learn about some good bands and maybe get some of them up here to tour the states, and we would like to play some shows in South America as well in the near future 

8.How and where the grind maniacs can find the merch from Drones from Queens?
Bandcamp is the best place, or people can contact us through the facebook page.

9.Morbid future plans?
We return to the studio next week to record some new songs for an upcoming split 7” with Abacus, and then we will finish writing for a new 7” EP to be recorded later in the year.  

10.Last words Evan and thanks for your time in this interview.
Thank you for checking out Drones for Queens and for interviewing us for NO TE CALLES ZINE!!!

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