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Interview - Massive Obliteration

1.Raw and destructive greetings from Perú,grind maniacs from Massive Obliteration! how are you Mickaël,hows going the things in Massive Obliteration?
Hey brow ! haha !. I'm fine, we rehearse, we compose music, we are working for a next release actually, we are looking for concerts and all that !. 

2.Tell us how is formed this chaotic band from grindcore madness! How it all started?
The band started in summer 2017 when the bassist and the drummer created the band, joined a few time after by the guitarist and the guitarist called me to ask me to complete the band, we composed songs, it was clear that the main direction was to compose music in the vein of terrorizer, Nausea La, Repulsion, old Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, and late 80's/early 90's death metal and all that.  

3.I listen the demo from Massive Obliteration and the influences are clears: Old Napalm Death,Nausea,Terrorizer,Brutal Truth,explain some more about the loud influences in Massive Obliteration.
Yes, we are fans of those bands you mention you mentioned, i'm in this music since decades now bro, this is obvious for me to play music like that, it is in my blood, my heart, i never played as muscian something else than grindcore and crust or old school brutal death all that mixed together, grindcore is the music i like to play the most. We are all of us in this band fans of those music (grindcore /crust punk/ punk hardcore and old school death metal). I think you can feel it deeply in our music anyway!

4.Some member from Massive Obliteration have another proyect paralell? or they're Just focused on this killer project? in the old days in i think some members from Massive had another grindcore band is true?
Richard (the bassist) play drums in a band called Infamy, this is black thrash music, tétar (the drummer) do also an other project called ômu, me and Conrad for now this is our only band but we talk (and we have already rehearsed two times for now) about to do a hardcore punk side project too.

5.Mickaël explain some more about the grindcore scene from France and recommend some bands.
Recommend bands ? hmmm we have already the most know bands in that kind of music here like Blockheads and inumate, from my area there is some bands called trepan'dead, insane order or project for bastards... chiens also from france is well know as Pulmonary fibrosis, there is a very good carcass worship from France called Vomi Noir too as Blue Holocaust also that is very good with the same guy (Pierre), and i forget many, ah yes there's a good band called Repugnizer also, and their 2017 demo called Face melting apocalypse.

6.What expectations do you have with this murderous grindcore project? demolish some brains?
Continue to play the music we like in our guts, with sincerity, passion and also with a message as our lyrics are more or less political but mostly about social issues, life, anger, that talks about injustices, reflexion about life, humanity etc... We want to play music violent but old school as possible with the real state of mind that fit with it. 

7.Massive Obliteration knows the grindcore scene from Southamerica?
I'm sorry but not really bro, my apologies for that.

8.How and where the grind maniacs can listen the brutal sound from Massive Obliteration?
On our bandcamp, on youtube with the channel grindwar, we have released a tape at 20 copies that will be released very soon on a French label called at 200 copies.

9.Morbid future plans?
Yes continue to compose music, do others releases (we are working for a new release, a 4 way split for soon).  

10.Last words grind freak! and thanks for your time in this interview!
Thanks to you bro for this interview !, my last words are: maldita sea eso es bueno el grindcore cabron  !!! aaaaaaaargh !!!!! hahaha ! cheers from France!

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