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Interview - Clitgore

1.Hey princess from perversion !!! How are you? All sick there? Greetings from the morgue from Peru!
Hi there, all right here, at the Dracula Castle morgue, in Transilvania.

2.Tell us a little more about Clitgore how is this deviating and brutal band!
Ten years ago I had the idea to make a gore grind girl band, but never find girls, haha.
But I find the best guys from the planet, Calin & Balazs to play with me. Thanks so much guys for supporting a crazy girl like me.
And now we have a new vocal, Andrei.

In this moment Clitgore became a really loved band by the public and does the craziest show in Romania. This is really strange for a country where a 
big part of the public like folk music and other genres. The funny part is that we play more outside Romania than here. 
We have good shows and crazy response from public in every country we go, that makes us happy.

3.How many stuff have edited Clitgore?

1. "Clitgore" (demo CD - 3 songs) / 2009
2. "When Injustice Becomes Law", Anopsia Ro 2010
3. "Stories of a Bloody Clit" (EP, Necrogore Prod / Ro) - 2010
4. "Tribute To Regurgitate" comp. @ Gore & Shit Rec / US - March 2011
5. "Escape the enemies, Destroy the Existenz" comp. Distrozione / Italy 2011
6. "Sex, Blood & Gore" comp - Metalfile, Russia - 2012
7. Sociopathic Mixtape vol. 2 @ Sociopathic Sound - July 2012, US
8. Ladoscuro comp (live in Salamanca) - Nov. 2012 @ Evil Mind Rec, ES
9. "Solucias Extremas" comp - May 2013, Spain
10. "Grind Your Mind" comp-out in January 2014, Serbia
11. "The Final Cuntdown" full length album - 2014 @ Gore House Productions, US
12. "Intestinal Purge" (Summer comp. 2014) by Gore House Productions, US
13. "Fuck Cancer" hc / grind / punk compilation, Melvi 2015 / Nepal
14. "Intestinal Purge 2" (Summer comp. 2015) by Gore House Productions, US

4.Twisted influences in Clitgore?
In particular, US brutal death metal bands like Lividity, Dying Fetus, Malignancy, Putrid Pile & Pavilion 32 from Romania, an anarchist
punk band.

5.Some member of Clitgore have another project parallel?
Yes, our guitarist is the actual guitar player from the mighty legendary band Pestilence and he also plays in Necrovile, the drummer
plays in Paediatrician and other bands & vocalist plays in E-an-na and more.

6.Ela explain more about the extreme scene from your country / city? recommends some bands.
Here's less extreme bands, I recommend Necrovile brutal death, I played bass there. The rest is less
brutal bands. I organize here Transylvanian Deathfest one time a year, and there is a good opportunity
for extreme bands from Europe to play here.

7. Do you know some of the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Perú?
I do not know much bands from Peru, shame on me, I know only Nazghul. I have some friends from Mexico and
Columbia who play gore grind, yeah. :)

8.Which is your opinion about the extreme scene around the fucking world?
My opinion is positive about everything is happening, from my point of view all goes well for Clitgore.

9.Stuff avaliable rigth now from Clitgore?
A new model of t-shirt and a new album this year at our label Gore House Production, US. Also, we have
patches, posters, stickers, and other shit. And I have a few copies from the last album here, hehe.

10.Morbid future plans?
This year we will be the first gore grind band ever to play in Nepal, touring the US West Coast that will end with the Las Vegas Deathfest and a tour in the UK in June.
These are mainly our surprises for 2018 and of course we plan more party more with all of you.

11.Last words Ela and thanks for your time!
Thank you so much for interview and for your words, you fucking rule! Greetings to your readers.

Cheers !!! Ela & Clitgore <3

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