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Interview - Catasexual Urge Motivation

1.Bloody and putrid greetings from Peru Tom! how are you freak maniac! hows going the aberrant things there?
- Malevolent and evil greetings from Japan, David. I'm doing fine, thanx. I really hope you do the same.
I am behind the tons of infant corpses those were born from raped and pregnant whores I murdered years ago. They are hanging on the wall without head. It's nice view.

2.Catasexual Urge Motivation is a old band from electro/sick/grind/death/gore so to speak coming from Japan.
Tom please tell us how is formed this killer band?
- In the very late 1992, I think it was November or December, I asked my younger brother to form a sickest death/grind band that you have never heard of before. He said yes and we'd like to do very underground and none-sophisticated way of band, so we chose drum-machine for drums, and no bass player because we are just two humans. I needed his morbid and deranged mind to create sick music as he's really into this kind of stuff, "murder". I also chose our lyrical content as "gore" but not like pathology. We're sick and tired of every bands copying pathology the (old) Carcass. We wanted to stay different than that.

3.How many releases have C.U.M. in his sick existence?
- Here's a list of official discography :

Catharsis demo 94

4 band compilation tape "Bizarre Abnormality" 1995
Split Tape With Christ Snacks 1995

Split Tape With Egrogsid "Hearing Protection Must Be Worn" 1996
Split Cassette EP With Semen Demon 1996
FIRST FULL LENGTH ALBUM The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders 96

4 BANDS COMPILATION 7 INCH Hungry Urinary Urn 97
Shadows Of Michelangelo MAG COMPILATION CD 97
("The legacy of a serial killer lives on forever due to their uncanny ability to capture the interest of the world's spectators through the extreme quality, quantity, method, and results of their actions")
SPLIT Cassette EP with N.C.C. 97 What Do You Kill For
Extremist records Comp. CD vol.2 97
("Campaign for legalize murder (new version)", "Fiend for blood (Autopsy cover)")
Ecocentric records Comp.CD Rudi Rat vol.6 double CD 97
("After beating the young bitch unconscious in a deserted street, I bind her hands and feet with wire, duct tapes on her mouth and places a burlap sack over her head")
True Ideal Realized Through The Underground Comp.CD 98
("My violent behavior is mostly directed towards whores and pigs")
Vampiric Motives / Neuropathia - split CD "Fantasy Wants Victim" 2000
Re-release of FIRST FULL LENGTH ALBUM The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders 2000
Tribute to Impetigo (Sinister Urge)
Nekronicle on Razorback records 2002

Death to Pigs : studio live session LP on GrindBlock records (Italy) with LP only bonus track 2014

Death To Pigs - studio live session CD 2015
Necronicle Continues - A Journey Into the Morbid Mind of Serial Murderers Vol. 1 CD 2016
Necronicle Continues - A Journey Into the Morbid Mind of Serial Murderers Vol. 2 CD 2016
Kadaverficker / Catasexual Urge Motivation - 7", EP 2016

Necronicle Continues - A Journey Into the Morbid Mind of Serial Murderers Vol. 3 tape 2017
Necronicle Continues - A Journey Into the Morbid Mind of Serial Murderers Vol. 4 tape 2017

4.Pestilence influences?
- We were influenced by early 90's grind core/death metal/industrial bands such as early Carcass, first two releases of Gore Beyond Necropsy, Impetigo, Xysma, Disgrace, Pungent Stench, Autopsy, early Gut, Dead World, Pitch Shifter, and of course grind/death gods like Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, etc.
I don't think you recognize this but we're really influenced by alternative/grunge, electro, noise as well. I listened many kinds of music before starting this band, so it's really normal to get influences from there unconsciously. 

5.C.U.M. was two freaks, now Tom you have another project parallel? and the another member from C.U.M. what do now?
- Yes, CUM consists of two human beings, me and my brother. My brother left the band after our father passed away (almost 2 years ago). So I run this band alone now. We do also noise band called "Sadistic Lingam Cult", we have many releases out, but my brother completely resigned from music scene, so S.L.C. run by only me as well.  

6.In the old days from Catasexual Urge Motivation how was the scene in your city/country?
- I think the scene here was good as well as today. Not so many bands there comparing to today's scene, but quite active.  We haven't play any show with CUM, so we don't have any connection between band to band personally, but a few. We went to some shows, see bands, meet people, spread our flyers back then. I personally wan't able to go to see bands/shows because I had been mental problem since late 90's for about a decade, then I went back to my hometown which is really far from Tokyo, central of Japan. 

7.You know some from the extreme scene from South America?
- I really loved the bands like Cenotaph, Shub Niggurath, Disgorge, Sarcofago, Oxidised Razor, Pyphomgertum, Krisiun etc. I also like to watch live videos in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, the crowd is so wild and energic. 

8.Someday Catasexual Urge Motivation will leave the grave? reunion?
- We have never get our foot in a grave. That means we haven't never ever say we split. Until this day, we still are Catasexual Urge Motivation for every single days since we formed this band. Many (or most) of people would think that we are gone in the very long time ago. The most awful description of our existence says we lived 92 to 97. Fuck that. We contributed a couple of songs to compilation CD's in 2000, I compiled original "Nekronicle" comp. CD in 2012 to 2013, I started working on the mixing of "Death to Pigs" CD/LP in 2004 (it finally sees the first light of day in 2013 though), then I started working on complete discography after that. The hiatus doesn't seem to be rest in gore.

9.Morbid future plans?
- At the moment, I am concentrate on working for complete discography for Bizarre Leprous Prod. In the meantime, I am writing new materials. Materials for CD? split? I don't know, but only I can say that CUM will beat you up once again. 

10.Tom thanks for your time in this interview, last sentences of death!
- Thanx David for this. 
Horror of death is not yet come to you because we will bring it to you as soon as we are ready. Smashing the hammer on to your head, knife in to your organs, dismember your limbs and open would in your mind with the philosophy of death. 

Anyone who is interested, visit our facebook page at :

Thanx again David. 

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