jueves, 20 de abril de 2017

Interview - Master

1.Bestial greetings from Peru! maniacs from Master! Paul how are you death metal warrior? All fine here in the cold Czech Republic at the moment. i went to see the mighty Immolation last night in Brno, they put on a great show. I rarely visit concerts as Master is always quite busy playing shows as well, and so I spend time at home relaxing when we are not on tour.

Hows going the things in Master? 
Master continues to record and release CD's as well as tours across the globe ever year! It's pretty normal with any band right?
Pretty general question I guess.

2.Master is old school band from Death Metal since 80s! totally influence from actual bands into destructive and war
death metal! Paul give us a short bio about the chaotic existence from Master in the extreme metal scene. 
You can find information like this at master-speckmetal.net

3.Which bands influence the brutal sound of Master?
The biggest influences on Master in the beginning were bands like GBH, The Exploited and Discharge as well as Venom and Motorhead. I think it is probably quite obvious when you listen to the earliest recordings of the band. Influences are important until you finally figure out what and the direction that your band is going. I realize m,any bands like to forget their influences and enver mention these truths.

4.How many releases have Master at the present?
13 releases.

5.Some warrior from Master have another proyect paralell? 
I have a few side projects including Johansson-Speckmann and Cadaveric Poison, the other guys have a band called Shaark as well.

6.Return in the old times from destruction and brutality like was in the 80s,90s...how was the extreme metal scene in your city,country? Explain some more about this. 
There was a great scene in Chicago I suppose, but in all honesty not many people came out to support the early Master shows and in the USA once again even today, many people only got to the more commercial concerts, so be it.

7.Which is your actual opinion about the extreme metal scene around the world in the present?
I don't follow other bands on the scene to frequently, but we still enjoy a bit of success every now and then, 40 shows still coming this year.

8.Your top 5 into extreme metal?
I don't listen to Extreme Metal.

9.Stuff avaliable from Master? how the maniacs can find the merch? 

10.Morbid future plans? 
Tours as always.

11.Paul thanks for your time in this interview,last words! and keep brutal! 

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