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Interview - Mob 47

1.Fast and furious greetings from Southamerica! exactly Peru! all good there Chrille?
Hey bro,, just fine here in Sweden hope all is good in Peru.

2.Please brother give us a killer trip by the chaotic existence from MOB 47!
Okay I will do my best, fast your seatbelt haha.
Our first band was Speedy Snails and the year was 1981. We were Chrille on base, Åke on guitar and Jögge vocals, the style was more like Hard Rock. In the summer of 1982 we started a new band called Censur and now we start to play punk music, Hard Rock was to slow and boring haha. Chrille took on drum duties and Jögge picked up the bass and Åke on guitar of course. In the fall of 1983 Mentis joined forces as lead vocalist and the band changed its name to MOB 47, releasing the 11 song cassette ”Hardcore Attack”. We had now developed a stronger taste for American and Finnish hardcore.
In the beginning of 1984 we became a three piece act again as Mentis was fired. In April we recorded 22 songs on a rented portable studio of which nine ended up on the ”Kärnvapen Attack” EP. All of our recordings are made in Bowlingstudion which is actually the rehearsal space we had in a bowling alley owned by Åke’s parents. In 1985 we tried being a four piece band this time with Robban on vocals. We did a few gigs and recordings together but Robban didn’t have the same enthusiasm as the rest of us and left after only a few months. Tommy from a band called Crudity took his place and we did some great gigs. Later that year Jögge quit and the band dissolved not long after.
Almost 20 years later we decided to get together again. The 2005 line up consisted of Johan on base, Jögge vocals, Åke guitar and Chrille drums. We recorded some new material in the summer of 2007 and in 2008 we release an new 7” “Dom Ljuger Igen“In November 2007 Jugga decided to leave the band making MOB 47 a three piece once again. In October this year 2016 Johan decide to leave the band after 130 shows and now we have Christoffer ( Driller Killer, Lautstrümer) on base.

3.How many stuff have MOB 47 edited? 
Not much only two 7” some compilation and cassettes.

4.Basically the lirycs talk about? politics,animal cruelty?
Yes that’s correct political that lie, animal’s rights, all cruelty in the world and war. Many lyrics is also about the scary situation in the eighties between Soviet Union and USA and all nuclear bombs.

5.Influences in MOB 47?
We are influenced by bands like Poison Idea, M.D.C., Gang Green, Minor Threat, Terveet Kädetv Varukers GBH and of course Discharge

6.Some member from MOB 47 have another proyect parallel? band,zine,label?
Yes Åke and Chrille plays in Desperat, Åke and Christoffer play in Korsfäst and Christoffer is also active in Voidfiller and Lautstrümer.

7.Returning in the old times tell us more about the scene in was the loud and chaotic scene? The scene was not so chaotic in Stockholm in the eighties but we had a great venue called Ultrahuset, really love that place.

8.You know the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
No really sorry we don’t know the scene, think we have to go there and discover it.

9.Stuff avaliable from MOB 47?
Well we have some stuff like shirts, patches and some 7” but we only sell it when we have a gig, that’s another reason that we have to do a South America tour in the future haha.

10.Morbid future plans?
We don’t have any plan to do a new record but you never know.
Next show will be in the Canaries Islands and in May there will be a European Tour.

11.Last words to the readers from NO TE CALLES ZINE and thanks for your time!
Keep up the Mangel and hope to see you in South America someday.

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