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Interview - Last Days Of Humanity

1.Putrid and bloody greetings Erwin! how are you man? how is everything in the rotten life?
-Hello! All is good here, thanx! Working on music ocasionaly, wether its my own music, mastering songs for an other band, or sometimes some guest vocals or so. Lets say, Im keeping busy.

2.Last Days of Humanity,band of full from maggots,cadavers,putrefaction and smell from death...please give us a little trip by the destructive life from LDOH a short bio...
-LDOH was started by Hans. The first demo set the style right away for the band. Its all about dirty goregrind, and the releases that came after that have never disapointed in that. And with the live gigs it was the same. In all I think there have been about 18 official members through the years. 

3.Tell us how was the gore/grind scene in the old years in your city/country? which bands were demolishing the brains in the old years? zines? labels?
-With old years, Im thinking about the late '80s, early '90s.
The grind scene at that time was just starting and there were bands like Smegma, Agathocles, Fatal Error (which had Erwin de Wit in it, who played in LDOH for a long time too) as local bands, or that played more often around our hometown. We would also listen to Exit 13, Fear Of God, Xysma, Napalm Death and all those early legendary bands. The labels at the time for grind were Earache, Relapse, Nuclear Blast. And offcourse the little distros at gigs were always interesting. But there was no internet, so usualy by the style of cover and logo, and length of songs you would have to try to check new stuff. Zines wete usualy xeroxed homemade. And I miss those, they were always nice to read, with reviews. Sometimes hard to read from the poor quality, but that has its charm. 

4.LDOH releases?
- The LDOH releases that I am on, are the split mcd with Stoma. The Dutch Assault split cd, the split pic lp with Lymphatic Phlegm. The "XTC of..." live cd. "In advance..." mcd. And the "Rest In Gore" cd.

5.Twisted influences in LODH? 
-The influences through the years have been many. Regurgitate in the start with their early demos. Then later on different members brought in different influences, like Genocide SS, Dead Infection and Xysma.
All that mixed up, and the goal to make a wall of goresound makes up the sound of LDOH.

6.About the lyrics from where get so much shit to deform a track?
-Sometimes the titles just come from the sick minds of the members. Others are inspired by Guineepig movies, or other extreme events. They could be pathological, brutal crime or horrible accidents. 

7.Now the members from LDOH have another proyects? i think you have your own proyects...tell us more about that Erwin.
-Yes, Bas is still in Fubar. Rogore has amongst Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness, Tumour, Carnival of Carnage. Marc had Urinefestival and Biocyst. Just to name a few. 
I have S.M.E.S., even before I joined in LDOH. And that is still going. Soon some splits will be released with EFRO, OPO and Rot In Space, and Meatal Ulcer. Also Im working on some new material for Pussy Torpedo, which will be released hopefully next year.

8.You know some from the extreme scene from Southamerica? maybe Peru?
-Yes, ive got good relationships with people in South America. Especialy in Mexico and Brasil there are a lot of extreme underground bands, labels and distros. 
Offcourse Black Hole Productions has released the picture 12" of Lymphatic Phlegm/LDOH.
And when LDOH were finishing work on the "The XTC of..." live cd, the drummer of Disgorge (mex) asked if we could do a split live cd.
Since we were going to release the live cd soon, we couldnt participate in that release. But Ive always wondered how it would have been. Disgorge is a brutal band with an awesome drummer, and it would have been a whirlwind of gore.
I know that there are great bands and distros in Peru too. And great fans offcourse! I have been in contact with them too. 

9.Someday LDOH reunion? is possible or not anymore?
Hans and Rogore have made some recordings this year, and they will be released later. I dont know what the future plans are for now for LDOH. I have moved to Canada in the mean time, so it would be very hard for me to rejoin. 

10.Rancid future plans?
-Other then the before mentioned S.M.E.S. releases, and the Pussy Torpedo cd, I have been asked to do vocals for the upcoming cd of Anal Fistfuckers. And I am very much looking forward to this cooperation. I was very honored to be asked by them. 

11.Erwin brother from gore! thanks for your time in this interview,last vomits!
-Thank you very much for your support and interest! I wish you good luck with "No Te Calles" zine, keep up the good work! And to everybody else i would say, thanx for reading, and gore some more!

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