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1.Bloody greetings Rob! how going all in Skullhog? all with guts,brains?
Well, we played Chimpyfest in London a few weeks ago which was an absolute blast. Brains, guts and wimps were crushed in the process. For the rest we're writing new songs for upcoming releases.and that's about it. A show here and there, you know the deal.

2.Rob give me a little bio about Skullhog,how is de-formed?
We've been active as a band since late '97 under the name BILE and changed the name to SKULLHOG in 2006, when we dropped the pitchshifter and left Gorgrind freaks in tears. BILE released 2 albums (The Shed and Camp Blood). SKULLHOG released a few split 7"es with the likes of COFFINS and RGTE and released a record called 'The Evil Dead' on CD through Redrum records and the LP version through Fat Ass records. Not much more to tell really. SKULLHOG is and will Always be the threee of us.

3.Brother how is the sick goregrind scene in your country/city bro? recommend me some bands.
To be honest I don't really follow the Goregrind scene, but we share our rehearsalroom with INHUME, CLITEATER and HYMEN HOLOCAUST so that might say something about a "scene". For the rest there's RECTAL SMEGMA and ROMPEPROP who are still gong strong so yeah. Stuff is happening if you dig this type of stuff.

4.How many stuff have Skullhog at the moment?
Like I said in the second answer, we have a bunch of records out under both BILE and SKULLHOG moniker. We will record a split 7" with VIOLATION WOUND (Chris Reifert's Punk band) a new full-length through Bones Brigade records and a few other things. Both BILE albums will get the vinyl treatment through Haunted Hotel records including a fully remixed version of the 'Camp Blood' album, so keep your eyes peeled on those.

5.Skullhog is a extreme,putrid and twisted goregrind band,which are the influences in this repugnat band?
We formed the band under the name BILE late '97 to do something completely different than our other bands at the time (INSULT and INHUME). The idea was to play old school Horror/slasher inspired Goregrind influenced by the likes of RGTE, DEAD INFECTION, SLAUGHTER, HELLHAMMER and MORTICIAN. We slowed down during the years and dropped the pitchshifter vocals when we changed our name to SKULLHOG to get rid of the annoying Gore-tag that lumped us in with all the Porngrind/Gore bands. We hate all that lame Porn/Gore stuff and are only interested in Horror and Slasher flicks. Influences ranged from ABSCESS/AUTOPSY, SLAUGHTER, WINTER and HELLHAMMER without losing that typical nasty BILE sound.

6.How you see the actual goregrind scene around the world?
Like I said earlier, I have no idea what's hot or not in today's worldwide Goregrind scene but as far as Goregrind or Grindcore in general goes, any band with Christoph Winkler on drums is fucking awesome. Don't know the guy? Your loss.

7.Some dis-member from Skullhog have another proyect?
Of course. Ben also plays guitar for INHUME, Loek also plays bass for INHUME, BLIND TO FAITH  and a project called MUTANK. I play the drums for ACID DEATHTRIP, BLIND TO FAITH and MUTANK. So yeah, shit is keeping us busy although MUTANK and BTF is only as 
active as we want it to be.

8.Skullhog is fan from terror,horror,gore movies?
Correct. Get our records and you will found out which movies we like.

9.Morbid future plans in Skullhog?
Like I said we have a few records to write and record and we'll do some shows here and there when people invite us to play. This means it can take a long time before we actually play live. Sometimes we play more and sometimes we play less than 4 shows a year. It all depends on which bullshit flavour of the week is hot or happening I guess.

10.Last cadaveric words bro to the twisted readers from No Te Calles Zine.
Listen to WORMRIDDEN, SLOW PLAGUE and ACCEPT DEATH. Cheers for the exposure. UGH!!

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