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Interview - Mindless

1.Hey Taylor,whats news in Mindless? all good?
All good, still half-dead.

2.Give me a little bio about Mindless.
Started in late 2008 with four people, two of those people moved to opposite sides of the country so we recruited two other people.  Still bangin' in (mostly) empty venues.

3.How many stuff have Mindless at the moment?
A demo tape,tape called Human Conditioning and a 7¨EP called Human Conditioning.

4.Lyrics are about?
Hatred and vampires, among other things.

In terms of music: Neanderthal and Autopsy.

6.Some member from Mindless play in another proyect?
Faiza: Askela -
Bryan, Ben, Adrian: Esclavo - http://esclavotx.bandcamp.com/
Ben: Tentacles - http://thetentaclesaflower.bandcamp.com/

7.How is the hardcore,crust,grind,powerviolence in your country? what bands you can recommend?
There are lots of those kinds of bands and we are playing with a lot of them in Houston on February 15th and 16th.  I recommend all of them and am very excited to be playing with DESPISE YOU, among other great bands.

8.What you think about political corruption?
Sucking wind through bent straws; Human corruption is pervasive.  There is goodness in the world, it's just not found in human invention. 

9.Future plans? new releases?
Planet of Pestilence 7" sometime soon containing 9 or 10 songs.

10.Last words bro.
"It's not [others], but I who am in a cage.  Not only in the office, but everywhere." He laid his clenched fist on his chest. "I carry the bars within me everywhere I go." -Kafka
Thanks for the interview. ;)

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